List of Plans for the Quinceañera
List of Plans for the Quinceañera

List of Plans for the Quinceañera

12 Months Before

  • Choose potential godparents
  • Create the guest list
  • Search and save ideas from magazines and websites
  • Buy a notebook to jot down ideas, plans, suggestions, etc.
  • Choose the color and/or theme
  • Before setting the date, talk to the pastor or priest to check the church's availability (mass)
  • Ask for recommendations for photographers, catering, DJs, invitation models, florists, and bakeries. (It's preferable to work with recommended individuals).
  • Research potential reception venues, their availability, and the security measures they offer

11 Months Before

  • Discuss budgets with potential godparents
  • Visit potential venues
  • Choose the menu for the party
  • Select the invitation design
  • Decide whether to buy a ready-made dress or have one tailored

10 Months Before

  • Choose your damas and chambelanes (The number depends on your preference, we suggest 14 young people or 7 couples)
  • Choose your next vendors
    • Catering
    • Cake
    • Music, Band, or DJ
    • Photography and Video
    • Flowers
  • Book the party venue
  • Check the church's availability for that day and reserve it
  • Order the invitations
  • If you decided to have your dress tailored, choose your designer or seamstress
  • If you decided to buy it ready-made, start visiting stores

9 Months Before

  • Visit your designer or seamstress for the formal dress selection
  • Meet and discuss with your damas and chambelanes about their attire for the party (after choosing yours)
  • Choose accessories
  • Choose shoes
  • Buy favors, decorations, and decor (can be made by the family)

6 Months Before

  • Choose and buy "The Last Doll"
  • Choose and buy "The Bible"
  • Book hotel rooms for out-of-town guests or set up one at home if it's large enough
  • Book the limousine

3 Months Before

  • Pick up the invitations
  • Meet with your damas and chambelanes to coordinate the waltz and set rehearsal dates
  • Choose your hairstylist and makeup artist and make the appointment
  • Fill out the invitations

2 Months Before

  • Send out the invitations
  • Check details with your vendors
    • DJ about the songs you want for each moment
    • Hairstylist for your final appointment
    • Makeup artist for your final appointment
    • Seamstress for the final fitting
    • Remind people who haven't confirmed their attendance to do so (to avoid unnecessary expenses)

1 Month Before

  • If it's a formal reception, create a seating plan
  • Prepare the speech or speeches (you can choose a poem for the church and a speech for the hall or vice versa, or you can choose a song)
  • Ask your dad or your honor companion to write the introduction speech
  • Check final details with
    • the flower person
    • the bakery
    • the photographer
    • the pastor or priest

2 Weeks Before

  • Pick up the dress
  • Touch up your hair color
  • From this day on, avoid overeating fats, chocolates, or anything that may harm your skin or make you lose the figure you worked hard for

1 Week Before

  • Start sleeping well and try to relax as much as possible so that you'll be radiant on that day
  • Check all your lists and your notebook of notes to make sure you don't miss any details

The Day of the Party

  • Have a big breakfast because it might be the only thing you eat all day
  • Attend your appointment with your hairstylist and makeup artist at the agreed-upon time

After the Party

  • Send thank-you cards

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