How to Narrow Down Your Quince Guest List
How to Narrow Down Your Quince Guest List

How to Narrow Down Your Quince Guest List

There is nothing more difficult than having to remove names from your quince guest list. However much you try, there will always be reasons for more people to share this important day of your life with you. But the heart and the budget never go together, so it’s time to face it: you have to delete names to get to the perfect number. What to do?

The good thing is that we’re here to help! The following tips will make it easy for you to narrow down your Quince guest list without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Tip #1: Draft your Guest List with the Most Important People First

Many guests are people who your parents invited and some may not even know you. Talk to them and let them know it’s your party, not a business meeting, church or work. Limit quota of people that your parents invite “for commitment.” If you identify someone that your parents insist then ensure that these people are really going to come rather than leaving someone out who you really appreciate and want at to your party. This applies to neighbors and close acquaintances who are not necessarily in your inner circle. Once you have a list of the most important people in your life and have room left, you may add others to the list.

Tip #2: Review the List Several Times

Even after you think you’ve reached the limit, you can still cut down. If your budget or the place where you booked does not support the party over a certain number of people, do not risk inviting more than capacity. You’ll regret it later.

Tip #3: Is Your Party an Intimate Celebration? Make it Known!

There is nothing wrong. People will not be offended if you let them know that your quince will only be assisted by family and a limited number of people. You can plan a separate outing with your friends who you cannot invite to your party.

Tip #4: Limit the Number of Guests Per Card

Narrow Down Your Quince Guest List

You can make your RSVP cards as clever as you want! Best way to get an accurate head count.

You are not required to invite the whole family of friends. Write the invitation in their name and provide the number of guests per card, preferably the guest and one companion.

Tip #5: Pre-confirm Before Finalizing

Send an RSVP card with your invitation. This may be unusual in your parent’s culture, but it is certainly customary in the United States. Assign someone to make a reminder call and set a deadline for booking. If you know there are people who generally do not go to parties, simply confront it amicably and ask them to book.

Tip #6: Call to Confirm Reservations

One friendly way to determine who is really going to your party is asking a close family member you trust for their good sense and kindness, to make calls to confirm the reservations you receive.

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