Prepare for the sales on Black Friday
Prepare for the sales on Black Friday

Prepare for the sales on Black Friday

The Friday after Thanksgiving is always an occasion to get deals. But if you want to take advantage of these Black Friday discounts to prepare for your fifteen, you should follow a good strategy. Take note of these tips before you run to the shops.

Frantic shopping, the famous “Black Friday” after “Thanksgiving Day” has become a tradition as important as the turkey dinner. Whether you are planning that dream Quinceañera, it can be a great opportunity to get accessories, shoes, handbags, cards, memorabilia, centerpieces and even your dress for a special price.

But beware! If you do not follow a proper strategy, you could spend more than expected, making unnecessary purchases or get out of your budget.

It is best to take advantage of these offers a plan to follow, a list of priorities, the corresponding budget and most importantly, keep clear objectives for the day of purchase.

STEP 1: Talk to your parents

Be sure that your parents will like the idea of using “Black Friday” to make some savings, but they also need to prepare to take on these expenses at this time, if your party is probably about two, three or more months. If you all agree then go to step 2.

STEP 2: Define your priorities

Determine your needs and establishes priorities. Locate stores that may offer bids, please list what you want to buy in each place.

STEP 3: Research

Check the websites, print offers and coupons, put everything in an organized binder you can carry on hand to see if prices coincide with expected or if there is no misleading offers.

STEP 4: Draw the plan of actionAccording to your priorities, make a schedule or route to follow to go to the shops. First go to the ones that interest you or you have the best deals. Consider traveling to another town nearby if these places are better stocked stores or more opportunities to cover more stores in less time. Dress in a way that is easy to buy probate clothing and wear comfortable shoes to withstand the long journey.

STEP 5: Teamwork

Maybe other years your family goes shopping for everyone on this day, but if you think it is very important for you to get what you need on this date, ask for help from others and assigns specific tasks to queue for you or visit some shopping while you do other shopping. If you can not have more direct with your family, get help with your aunts, cousins, your sponsor, neighbor, or your circle of friends. Of course, you appear in person avoids carrying that can cause delays or who dislike shopping, it will make you rage or terminate before reaching your goals.

STEP 6: Keep the discipline

Once you hit the stores, it’s easy you might feel tempted to buy another little thing that was not on the list. But remember that time is money and you have only a few hours to do all your shopping. In addition, the budget can be narrowed if you spend on things that were not foreseen.

STEP 7: Keep your receipts

When we are in a hurry, sometimes we make decisions failed, do not review either clothing or items purchased. Be sure to keep all receipts in case changes are needed.

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