Preparing a Quinceañera Budget you can Afford
Preparing a Quinceañera Budget you can Afford

Preparing a Quinceañera Budget you can Afford

One of the most challenging aspects of a Quinceañera is the budget.

When you plan something with time in advance there is less room for mistakes.  

There are alternatives for preparing the Quinceañera of your dreams, here is a  list of the details you should consider when planning your dream celebration.

1)   Plan ahead of time

Quince party usually conveys financial sacrifices. This is the number one reason why most families plan ahead of time and save for years for this memorable celebration.

2)   Set up a budget

The size of the budget directly reflects all decisions relating to the celebration. Plan a budget for each expense, party, flowers, cake, vendors, dress, catering, etc, and try your best to stick with it.

  • Industry price average for your reference: (California pricing)

Venue … $1,500
Cake … $800 for 100 guests
Dress … $1,000
Catering … $5o per plate
Entertainment … $150 to $1,000
Decoration … $1,800 for 100 guest
Invitation … $250 for 100 invites
Photography & Video … $150 – $300 per hour
Church … $300

3)   Find some padrinos

Don’t let your parents pay for the whole thing. Share the love and expenses and ask your godparents to pitch in for the reception hall, cake, dress, etc.

4)   Compare prices

Never settle for the first thing you fall in love with. Compare deals, packages, and prices of all the Quince party services. You’ll have a better idea of the pricing and this way you could stick to your budget.

5)   Quinceañera budget | Save up!

A good plan is to leave a budget on the side for luxuries such as thank you favors for your guests, an exuberant quince dress or extravagant decorations.