The perfect budget to organize a Quinceanera party
The perfect budget to organize a Quinceanera party

The perfect budget to organize a Quinceanera party

One of the most challenging aspects of the Quinceañera is the budget. It's not uncommon for financial planning to be done months or even years in advance, and in fact, that's exactly what you should be doing. By planning an event in advance, there is less room for errors, and we know your XV party has to be as perfect as you've always dreamed.

We want to be part of every step of your Quinceañera planning, so we'll make sure you cover the most important aspect, the Quinceañera budget. There are alternatives to prepare for a Quince party without compromising your parents' pockets.


Here is a super-useful list of steps to follow to organize the perfect budget for planning a Quinceañera party.


1) Plan well in advance

From the moment you think about having a Quinceañera, discuss it with your parents. They are the ones who need to prepare financially for this moment. Also, they will have more time to save money.


2) Establish a budget

Deciding on the size of the budget is crucial. Depending on this, you can make the right decisions regarding your celebration. Plan a budget for each party service: decoration, dress, catering, etc., and try to stick to it.

Average prices in the industry:

Venue… $1,500
Cake… $800 for 100 guests
Quinceañera dress… $1000
Catering… $80 per plate
Entertainment… $150 to $1,000
Decoration… $1800 for 100 guests
Invitations… $350 for 100 invitations
Photography and video… $150 - $300 per hour
Church… $300


3) Seek godparents

Don't let your parents pay for your entire Quinceañera party. Share the expenses and ask your godparents to take care of some of your expenses. They'll surely do it!


4) Compare prices

Never settle for the first thing you see. Look through various party services, compare prices, and find the one that best fits your budget.


5) Save when organizing a Quinceañera party

If you have saved enough and have extra money, then spend the remaining money on the little details you left aside from the beginning, like some extravagant decoration.

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