Questions you should ask yourself before hiring a choreographer
Questions you should ask yourself before hiring a choreographer

Questions you should ask yourself before hiring a choreographer

If you're planning your Quinceañera, you might be wondering if hiring a choreographer for all your dances is a good idea.

If you really want your dances to impress all your guests, a choreographer can be necessary to make this possible.

But before letting your imagination soar with professional-level choreography, there are some things you should ask yourself.

Quinceanera stage, a woman in a white dress dancing on stage

Is there money available for a choreographer?

This is the first thing you need to know before moving forward. Good choreographers usually charge between $35 and $60 per hour. Ask your candidates if they have any special offers available. If you have a sufficient budget and believe that choreographed dances are very important to you, then hire a professional. After all, you want your Quinceañera party to be as you've always imagined it, and if that means having dazzling dances, go for it!

Do you have access to a good rehearsal space?

The average number for a court of honor is 15, and if you think everyone will fit in your living room, you're dreaming. A good question for the choreographer is if they have a space where they can rehearse.

Who will take care of the organization?

If you're going to spend money per hour on a choreographer, there's no time to waste. So, several important questions arise: Who will organize everything? Who will organize the schedule and make sure everyone follows it? Can everyone easily get to the rehearsal venue? Are all the chambelanes and damas willing to dedicate time to learn the dances? (It's recommended to schedule everything three months in advance). Will there be an adult nearby in case of an emergency?

Which dances should be choreographed?

Quinceañeras generally include a father-daughter dance, a waltz, an exit waltz, and a surprise dance. All of these can be choreographed, or just one. Some girls choose to choreograph the father-daughter dance and the surprise dance only. Both are usually the ones that grab the most attention. Make sure you know how many and which dances you want to do with choreography before talking to a choreographer.

These questions will help you, and we hope you have a fantastic and unforgettable Quinceañera party with the most amazing dances.

Tori Green writes for Olympia Banquet Hall in Los Angeles.

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