The Only Quinceañera Invitation Timeline You Need
The Only Quinceañera Invitation Timeline You Need

The Only Quinceañera Invitation Timeline You Need

How would you feel if you received a last-minute invitation to your best friend’s birthday party and not being able to go? You would feel bummed out!

That’s why it’s super important to know exactly when to send out your Quinceañera invitations.

Not to worry! Here’s a complete quinceañera invitation timeline to ensure that your closest family and friends are able to attend your memorable celebration without having to cancel plans.

Quinceañera Invitation Timeline

12 Months: Determine Guest List

Make a list of all your family and friends who you want to invite to your Quinceañera. This is super important since you’ll need the estimated number of guests to book the venue and catering.

8 Months: Begin Designing ‘Save-the-dates’


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This is an optional step since not all Quinceañera's decide to send out save-the-dates. But it’s a good idea to ensure that everyone makes that special date available. Those that live far will have more time to save up and book their hotel and flight. The information on the save-the-dates is very brief. It usually only includes the occasion, date, and city.

6 Months: Mail Save-the-dates

Make sure you buy enough stamps and know the address of all your guests!

4-6 Months: Begin Designing Quinceañera Invitations

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By this time, you should have everything booked including the venue, mass, catering, and DJ. The information on your Quinceañera invitations typically includes mass, reception, dinner, and dance times and addresses along with the names of your madrinas and padrinos. Don’t forget to include your contact information for your guests to RSVP. Need help wording your invitations? CLICK HERE to view the invitation wording cheat sheet!

2 Months: Mail Invitations

You don’t want to mail your invitations too far in advance because you don’t want your guests to forget about your event but you don’t want to mail them out too last minute because they might already have plans. That’s why 2 months is a good time frame to mail them out to increase the attendance rate.

1 Month: Confirm RSVPs


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You will most likely have to give the venue and caterer a final count at least a month in advance. A good way to know how many people will be going to your Quinceañera with certainty is by simply asking those who haven’t confirmed their attendance.


Enjoy this much deserved special day!

After Your Big Day: Send Thank-you cards Within 4 Weeks


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Thank-you cards are more important than you think. Express your appreciation to those who joined you to celebrate your Quinceañera. Send out thank-you cards with a meaningful hand-written personal message. They will appreciate your gratitude!

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