12-month Step-by-Step Quinceañera Planning List
12-month Step-by-Step Quinceañera Planning List

12-month Step-by-Step Quinceañera Planning List

This article is part of our ultimate series about Quinceañera planning. For a deeper dive, check out our full guide: Quinceanera planning 101. It's your go-to resource for everything Quinceañera!

12 Months Before

  • Select potential godparents (contributing sponsors)
  • Plan on number of guests
  • Collect magazines and catalogs for ideas
  • Make a planning notebook
  • Choose theme and colors
  • Contact church priest (Determine parish requirements, book date)
  • Ask for referrals for photographers, caterers, DJ’s, invitation printers, flower shops and bakeries (for such services it is usually best to work with someone you were referred to)
  • Research possible event sites for availability and security measures they offer

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11 Months Before

  • Discuss budget plans with potential godparents
  • Visit event sites
  • Meet with caterers for tasting
  • Select style of invitation’ style
  • Decide whether you will purchase your dress or have it custom-made.

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10 Months Before

  • Select your Quince court (the number in the court is your decision, 7 couples are recommended.)
  • Select and book the following:

- Bakery/cake

- Caterer

- Music provider (live band or DJ)

- Photographer and video

- Florist

  • Reserve event hall
  • Verify that church is available on event date and reserve
  • Order invitations
  • Select fashion designer if the dress will be custom-made
  • If you decided instead to purchase your dress, begin your search

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9 Months Before

  • Visit fashion designer for formal dress selection
  • Meet with your Quince court to discuss their physical attire (after selecting yours)
  • Select accessories
  • Select shoes
  • Purchase party favors and decorations (these can even be created by your family)

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6 Months Before

  • Select and purchase “Last Doll”
  • Select and purchase the Bible
  • Reserve hotel rooms for guests
  • Reserve limousine

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3 Months Before

  • Pick up invitations
  • Arrange rehearsal with court
  • Hair/makeup test-run

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2 Months Before

  • Send out invitations
  • Verify details with your service providers
  • DJ and song list
  • Hair/Makeup
  • Final fitting for gown
  • Remind guests who have not responded (in order to avoid unnecessary expenses)

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1 Month Before

  • For a formal reception create seating chart
  • Write a speech or speeches (you may choose a poem for the church and a speech for the reception or vice-versa, or you may choose a song)
  • Ask your father or date of honor to write your speech
  • Verify final details with:

- Florist

- Bakery

- Photographer

- Priest or Pastor

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2 Weeks Before

  • Pick up gown
  • Perform hair/makeup test-runs
  • Avoid too many fatty foods, chocolates or other items that might keep your skin from looking its best

1 Week Before

  • Get plenty of rest and relaxation so you will look radiant on the day of your Quinceañera
  • Verify that you are not missing anything from your planning list

Day of the Celebration

  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Hair and makeup appointment(s)

Day after Celebration

  • Send out thank-you note




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