Save on your Quinceanera invitations with the help of the internet.
Save on your Quinceanera invitations with the help of the internet.

Save on your Quinceanera invitations with the help of the internet.

Welcome to the digital era, where anything goes, especially when it comes to saving money (or paper) while planning a party. The internet can be your best ally when inviting your family and friends to your Quinceañera. Depending on the route you choose, you could save money or perhaps pay a little more.

The following options will delight your guests:

1) Post your Quinceañera as an event on Facebook

Make sure to include all the information such as date, time, location, and even the registry for your gifts.

Advantage: Your guests can confirm or decline your invitation, giving you an estimate of how many people will attend your party.

Disadvantage: Most of your friends and cousins don't use Facebook, so many won't find out about your party...

2) Create a personalized invitation

A lilac Internet, a cell phone with a Quinceanera invitation on the screen

Etsy.com has various completely free designs to create your own page in a 2x3. You can adapt it according to the theme or colors of your party.

Advantage: No need to pay to use it; the free version offers several designs, and, like Facebook, it allows your guests to accept or reject your invitation.

Disadvantage: You need the email of each of your guests to invite them to your party.

3) How about a video on YouTube?

With the help of your friends skilled in video, you can record your own video and put it on YouTube, or if you're looking for something more innovative, hire a professional.

Advantage: This is a great opportunity to give your guests a taste of what your party will be like. Include clues but leave the rest to the imagination...

Disadvantage: Once your video is ready, you'll have to share it via email, Facebook, and Instagram (it must be a very short one, a maximum of 15 seconds), so it's likely you'll also need to create a website...

4) A website for your Quinceañera


You can do it yourself through BlogSpot or WordPress or leave it in the hands of a professional.

Advantage: No need to send invitations; all the information is available with a click.

Disadvantage: You must consider how to monitor your video so it reaches only those you want at your party to avoid your video invitation going viral and your Quinceañera becoming a gathering of gatecrashers...

Which one is your favorite?

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