Season 2 of 'Euphoria': Five makeup looks you can recreate
Season 2 of 'Euphoria': Five makeup looks you can recreate

Season 2 of 'Euphoria': Five makeup looks you can recreate

The second season of HBO's 'Euphoria' has conquered the beauty enthusiasts!

Both the girls and their mothers are OBSESSED, and rightfully so. The latest season has been an emotional rollercoaster between the drama and the unique makeup looks! Gather your Quinceañera squad and practice cut creases with glitter, neon eyeshadows, rhinestone eyeliner, and more!

1.) Neon Lids by Kat

Episode 1

Kat's New Year's Eve glamour is not for the faint of heart. This is a perfect look for a day when you're feeling bold. Why not try a blue and green look for St. Patrick's Day?

2.) New Year's Glam

Episode 1: Cut crease with glitter, anyone up for it? Take a walk on the wild side and recreate Maddy's daring New Year's Eve look. Just don't forget that sharp eyeliner that can and will cut through!

3.) Gemstone Eyeliner

Episode 1: Unfortunately, Cassie won't be winning the friend of the year award this season. Although that hasn't stopped her from flaunting some spectacular looks. Her rhinestone eyeliner is a cute and easy-to-recreate appearance.

Makeup tip: Use white eyeliner to outline where you're placing the stones before gluing them with eyelash glue.

4.) Double Winged Eyeliner

Episode 3: Double the wing, double the fun. What's better than one of Maddy's signature sharp wings? Well, two sharp wings! Makeup tip: use eye tape to ensure your wings can cut through anything.


5.) Maddy's Cheer Makeup

Episode: 7

Episode seven takes us back to a cheerleading flashback from the first season. This may not be an everyday school look, but it's perfect for practicing and saving for Halloween 2022!


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