The 15 Mistakes Quinceañeras Always Make
The 15 Mistakes Quinceañeras Always Make

The 15 Mistakes Quinceañeras Always Make

Have you ever seen an empty dance floor at a quinceañera? How about a quinceañera who blanks out during her toast? Yikes!

The good thing is that these things can be avoided!


We tell you the most common mistakes quinceañeras make so you can be better prepared for your big day.

MISTAKE #1: Buying the gown before booking the venue

Quinceañera dress creation, featuring a woman in a vibrant purple and gold dress with a charro theme

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Although you can wear whatever you want, it’s a good idea to take your venue into consideration. Venues typically have character and you don’t want to appear blah in a fancy venue.

MISTAKE #2: Not considering an event planner

Event planners can make your life soooo much easier, especially the week and day of your event. You want everyone to enjoy your party (including yourself and your parents) and not worry about the little details such as the musicians not arriving on time or how to transport the delicate centerpieces. Event planners take care of pretty much everything so you can relax!

MISTAKE #3: Crash dieting

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Time flies! It’ll be a few weeks before your event before you know it and it’s extremely unhealthy to engage in crash dieting the week of your party. Instead, plan out an exercise routine and a healthy diet at least 6 months before to avoid starving yourself and engaging in rigorous exercises.

MISTAKE #4: Having a huge time gap between the thanksgiving mass and reception

When there’s a huge gap between the thanksgiving mass and the reception, your guests will not know if to wait around or go home. If the time gap is inevitable, consider  setting up a hospitality lounge with snacks, entertainment, and refreshments. But try to minimize the time gap the best you can.

MISTAKE #5: Feeling obligated to wear tons of makeup

A beautiful Quinceanera woman with big earrings on her head

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Just because you’re throwing a huge party, you don’t need loads of makeup. A simple makeup look goes a long way and will make you feel comfortable. You definitely don’t want to look back at your pics and say to yourself “what was I thinking.”

MISTAKE #6: Not providing hospitality to your vendors

A group of men in white suits playing instruments at a Quinceanera celebration

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You run the risk of a low-energy DJ or a tired photographer when you don’t take care of them. Save some waters and a plate of food for each if you’re planning on having them for long hours. They’ll appreciate your hospitality.

MISTAKE #7: Forgetting to send out thank-you cards

A Quinceanera themed image featuring a DIY adhesive tape, a thank you card with a bunting of colorful flags

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Some guests will come from afar, while others will cancel plans to go to your quinceañera. Send them thank-you cards the same week after your quinceañera expressing your gratitude. It’s a cute gesture important people in your life will keep forever.

MISTAKE #8: Not practicing the toast

toasting glasses

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Most of the time, quinceañeras underestimate the toast or don’t really put much effort into it. The toast is an important part of your party and it’s something your guests look forward to. It’s not easy going in front of a huge crowd and performing your toast. That’s the reason why you should write it down and rehearse it over and over again until it comes out naturally.

MISTAKE #9: Not saying hello to everyone

Set some time aside during the reception to visit every table to say hello and take pics. Make everlasting memories!

MISTAKE #10: Overdecorating the venue

A Quinceanera function hall table with a room filled with lots of tables and chairs

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Your decor shouldn’t appear overwhelming. Well-placed arrangements go a long way. Don’t feel like you have to include every single element of your theme in the decor. Instead, focus on making little pieces stand out.

MISTAKE #11: Miscalculating the time it takes to get hair & makeup done

Quinceanera hair, a woman with long hair with flowers in her hair

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You hair & makeup will take a minimum of two hours plus you want to set some time aside to take pics without feeling the time crunch. Avoid arriving to church late because then everything falls behind schedule. Carefully plan out your day, click here to learn how.

MISTAKE #12: Forgetting to eat

There’s nothing worse than feeling light-headed, dehydrated, and moody on your big day. Don’t forget to eat a big healthy breakfast before you start getting ready and squeeze in lunch after mass. Pack a couple snack bars and water bottles for the day.

MISTAKE #13: Not considering the venue when decorating

Like we said, some venues have character and you want it to match your theme and highlight its best features. For example, if your venue has humongous windows with an amazing view, make that your focal point of your decor. You don’t have to overspend on decor if your venue is already beautiful.

MISTAKE #14: Not wearing comfortable shoes

A quinceanera and her court of honor pose for a picture in their long dresses and converse shoes

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Not used to wearing 6-inch heels? If you’re choosing to wear heels the entire day, prepare to have painful feet by the end of the night. Instead, wear a pair of Converse or flats before the reception (no one will even notice). Then switch to heels at the reception. Switch back to comfortable shoes whenever you get tired.

MISTAKE #15: Forgetting to give a playlist to your DJ

Nothing is more annoying than constantly going up to your DJ requesting songs or hearing songs that you don’t enjoy dancing to. Make a list of your top songs and hand it to your DJ. Make sure he has these songs days before your party. You may also want to give a playlist to your limo driver for the ride.


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