The 5 most common mistakes when choosing your Quinceañera theme
The 5 most common mistakes when choosing your Quinceañera theme

The 5 most common mistakes when choosing your Quinceañera theme

Choosing the theme for your Quinceañera is almost as important as the date and budget for your party.

Some girls opt for seasonal themes, meaning if they are celebrating their Quince in May, they choose spring as the theme.

But others have dreamed of the theme for years without knowing the exact day of the celebration.

And what about you, Mom? Surely she will have several ideas on how to decorate your Quince.

Here we tell you what are the typical mistakes that arise when choosing your theme:

It's up to you to have a solution up your sleeve before they become a problem...

1) Choosing unique and different decorations

Of course, you don't want your party to be like other Quinceañeras! But sometimes being too creative could leave you without enough decorations for your celebration.

How can you solve it?

Research the theme in advance and look for decorations in time so you don't struggle to find them.


Credit: Studio 15 Quinceañera Photography

2) Choosing a super original theme

Although you won't struggle to find decorations, there could be several comparisons with other Quinceañeras because it's such a popular theme.

How can you solve it?

List your top three favorite themes and find out which of your friends or cousins will have similar Quinces, opt for the less popular theme.

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3) Convincing your parents

Parents tend to stick to tradition, so the simple idea of a themed party could be quite eccentric for them. Even more so with a different theme like Quinces inspired by the Day of the Dead or inspired by the galaxy.


Credit: Studio 15 Quinceañera Photography

How can you solve it?

When choosing a different theme, your parents might think the expenses will be too much, so you could use this to your advantage to convince them. It's not easy! Research how you can save on decorations for the theme you chose, maybe that way they'll say yes. Ideally, and more commonly, it would be to opt for DIY decorations, which you can do yourself.

4) Selecting your colors

Choosing a specific color or combination aside from your theme could complicate things.

How can you solve it?

Opt for choosing a palette of similar colors, for example:

Theme: vintage

Colors: white, champagne, and gold

A Quinceanera-themed table decorated with gold sequins table covers and a vase of flowers on top

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5) Not researching in advance

Take the time to look for trends or inspiration before deciding on a theme that doesn't convince you entirely. Remember that seasonal themes can be your best allies if you're looking to save. Buying Christmas or winter decorations during the summer for your Quince in December or January will save you a lot of money that you could use for your dress.

Time is key when planning, and the more months you have on your side, the better your result will be...

How can you solve it?

Visit our themes and decorations page, search on Pinterest for decoration ideas, and consider what is within your reach or what you can do differently.

Quinceanera theme image: a flowerpot Herb, a tree stump with a plant in it and the words

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