The latest in XV Years invitations
The latest in XV Years invitations

The latest in XV Years invitations

 Check out the 10 types of invitations that are trending this year. You're going to love them!

This year, Quinceañera invitation trends include a mix of new ideas and some not-so-new ones that have resulted in sensational designs.

Here's a list of the 10 types of invitations that are trending this year, so you can choose your favorite in advance.

  1. Watercolor.

  2. Quinceanera invitation, a pink and white Quinceanera invitation on a wooden table

Makeup Artist, a Quinceanera invitation on a table with a spool of thread

A delicate veil of color on paper creates a soft and romantic effect. Rippling effects, diffuse water, or colorful florals are just a few styles that can be achieved with this beautiful effect.

  1. Calligraphy.

Today, calligraphy has surpassed most invitation designs. It's no wonder that this beautiful effect, deviating from traditional prints, captures many hearts.

  1. Acrylic. Acrylic has a cool and unique effect on invitations, making it inevitably stand out from regular invitations.
  2. Quinceanera invitation, an acrylic quinceanera invitation with flowers on a marble table
  1. Botanical. Green elements, flowers, and palm trees are ideal for daytime weddings. If you love flowers or your Quince revolves around impressive floral arrangements, why not choose this alternative?
  2. A tropical Quinceañera birthday invitation with pink flowers and green leaves
  1. Metallic paper.

Metallic paper is a great way to incorporate that extra flair into minimalist invitations and gives them an extra shine that looks sensational.

  1. With laser cut. Laser-cut invitations provide a super elegant look that stands out from the first impression. Choose from hundreds of designs and patterns, and select your favorite in any color.
  1. Inkless print. Inkless printing gives the paper a "dimpled" effect instead of ink. It definitely gives a very special and distinguished appeal.
  2. A close up of a Quinceanera invitation on a table
  1. Marbled effect. Marble effect has been a very popular trend in recent years, and invitations don't have to be the exception.
  1. Stunning envelopes.

  2. A close up of two Quinceañera cards with gold foil on them

Often, invitation envelopes are completely overlooked, but recently, we're starting to see some envelopes with beautiful designs that you'll want to keep as keepsakes too.

  1. Contrasting colors. Dark-colored paper with a metallic or pale-colored font creates a stunning effect on invitations, and it's not limited to winter or fall seasons; you can use them at any time of the year.
  2. A Quinceanera invitation featuring a blue and pink design with a white envelope, decorated with olive branches

Featured image is owned by: Alexandria Lindo & Etsy!

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