Things that mothers do when planning their daughters' Quinceañera
Things that mothers do when planning their daughters' Quinceañera

Things that mothers do when planning their daughters' Quinceañera

If you think you're stressed about planning your party, consider a moment like what your mom is going through...

She wants to surprise everyone and at the same time give you the party you've always wanted. Stress takes over!

Here are the 10 most common things all moms do during the planning of your Quinceañera:

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1) Gets excited about anything, no matter how small

Whether it's about your Quinceañera invitations or the tableware, your mom is excited about everything related to your party.

2) Asks you up to five times if you're sure that's the Quinceañera dress you want

She knows you and knows that you change your mind every 2 minutes, so she doubts if that's really the dress you want or if you'll fall in love with the next one you see.


3) Tells you stories from when she was your age

Get ready to hear the story of her Quinceañera or why she couldn't celebrate with a party like yours. If this is the case, understand her and let her enjoy your celebration as if she were the birthday girl.

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4) Observes your escort carefully

If your honorary escort is not your brother or cousin but a friend from school, your mom will be on top of him to make sure he doesn't try to make any romantic moves towards her baby.

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5) Wants to invite all her friends, even those from elementary school

... Well ok, maybe not all of them, but half the world, especially relatives you haven't seen in years or haven't even met...

6) Decides to buy without consulting you

Many young girls are lucky to plan their party with their mothers' help, but sometimes mothers get so excited that they don't consider the opinion of the girl herself when choosing and buying invitations, Quinceañera decorations, or party favors.

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7) Cries

This is a super emotional moment for your mom; she feels happy for you, but at the same time, she feels nostalgic seeing her baby growing up and soon becoming independent.

8) Rushes you every 5 minutes on the day of the party

She fears being late and making your guests wait, so she reminds you whenever she can not to waste time, even if this is not the case (She's much more nervous than you are!)

9) Forgets something

It could be a little detail or something very important, but at the end of the day, your family will figure out how to handle this oversight so that it doesn't turn into a Quinceañera tragedy.

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10) Cries even more

If you thought your mom's tears while buying your dress would be the only ones, you're wrong! Moments like the waltz and the Quinceañera toast will make your mom cry with happiness.

Now that you have a better idea of how your mom might behave due to the excitement of this new stage you're going through, help her release the stress so she can enjoy, just like you, your Quince.

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