When should you send out invitations for your Quinceañera?
When should you send out invitations for your Quinceañera?

When should you send out invitations for your Quinceañera?

How would you feel if you received a last-minute invitation to your best friend's party and couldn't attend? You'd probably feel disappointed.

That's why it's essential to know exactly when to send invitations for your Quinceañera.

Don't worry! Here's a complete list to ensure that your closest family and friends can attend your celebration without canceling their plans.

Quinceanera Invitation Timeline

12 months: make your guest list

Create a list of all the relatives and friends you want to invite to your Quinceañera. This is crucial because you need an estimate of the number of guests to make reservations for the venue and banquet.

8 months: start designing your save-the-date cards


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This is an optional step since not all Quinceañeras decide to send save-the-date cards. But it's a good idea to ensure that everyone is available on that special date. Those who live far away will have the opportunity to save money and book their flights and hotels. The information on save-the-date cards is very brief, including only the occasion, date, and city.

6 months: mail out the save-the-date cards

Make sure to buy enough stamps and have all the addresses handy.

From 4 to 6 months: start designing your Quinceañera invitations


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By this time, you should have everything booked, including the venue, the Mass, the banquet, and the DJ. The information on your Quinceañera invitations includes the schedule of the Mass, reception, banquet, and directions, along with the names of the godmothers and godfathers. Don't forget to include your contact information so guests can confirm their attendance.

2 months: mail out your invitations

You don't want to send your invitations too early because you wouldn't want your guests to forget your event, but you also don't want to send them at the last minute because they might already have plans. That's why two months is ideal.

1 month: confirm who will attend


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You'll most likely need to give the reception venue and the catering service a final count at least one month in advance. A good way to know who will attend your party is by asking those who haven't confirmed their attendance.

Your Quinceañera day!


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Enjoy it!

After your Quinceañera: send thank-you cards


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Thank-you cards are more important than you think. Send your thank-you cards with a handwritten message within four weeks after your celebration and express your appreciation to those who came to your Quinceañera.

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