10 Different Ways you Can Wrap Gifts
10 Different Ways you Can Wrap Gifts

10 Different Ways you Can Wrap Gifts

Wrap gifts with flair this year. We have gathered 10 different ways you can wrap gifts to spice up this Christmas season. What better way to give a gift to your family or friends than by doing so in style?

A collage of different ways to wrap Quinceanera gifts on a table

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The Many Ways to Give a Gift

1. A Classic Bag

A bag comes in handy when a gift needs to be wrapped quickly or if the gift is an odd shape as well. In order to style up the bag, paper stripped confetti can be placed on the bottom of the bag, and accenting tissue paper should be placed in bunches at the top of the bag.

A Quinceanera-themed image featuring a cardboard gift and a brown paper bag with a reindeer head on it.

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2. Funky Wrapping Paper

If someone is getting multiple presents this year then wrap their presents in a fun designed paper. When they are stacked they can look like a big hamburger under the tree!

A stack of four sandwich burgers wrapped in hamburger-themed wrapping paper, perfect for a Quinceanera celebration.

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3. Deceiving Wrap Job

This is another fun way to wrap a present that will mislead the gift receiver. Let’s say someone specifically asked for something for Christmas; well now they know what they’re getting so you have to disguise it. So, you would put the item on top of a wooden chair and wrap the chair. The gift receiver is now expecting a chair for Christmas when in reality they’re getting exactly what they asked for.

4. Envelope

If you’re not the best at wrapping paper and your gift is also a paper ticket to somewhere or gift card then take the easy way and put it in a beautifully decorated envelope. Some ways to jazz up an envelope is to add colors and sparkles to it, as well as, adding a seal to the back. This can be done by carefully melting a crayon into a circle shape on the back of the envelope. Then a tracing or a frim stamp can be placed on top of it, creating a personal seal.

A group of Quinceanera-themed Christmas cards enveloped with art markers.

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5. Hide and Go Tree

For smaller gifts, that can be easily wrapped, placed in a small bag or envelope. The fun part is hiding the gift somewhere in the tree and telling the gift receiver where their gift is by using a riddle. For example, this could be a riddle mentioning that their gift is near a tree ornament that resembles “blank.”

A couple of Christmas stockings hanging from a Christmas tree, decorated with Quinceanera ornaments

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6. Balloon Message

If the gift that is being given is a small object or light in weight for example some tickets, or a gift card, then they can be given in this creative way. Purchase a large balloon and ask the salesperson to fill just a little and then slip the gift inside; then they can fill the rest with helium and tie it in place. Then once you are home add a string to the preexisting string and attach a needle or pushpin to it. This is so the gift receiver can have something to pop the balloon with when the moment comes. For best results, get the balloon the day before so it doesn’t deflate.

A person holding a pair of scissors above a bunch of balloons, bursting secrets

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7.  Matryoshka Box

This is a fun prank to pull on a family member or friend. If your gift is small place it in a small box and wrap it, then place that in a slightly bigger box and wrap it, then do the same until you have a box that is way larger than the actual gift. It is similar to the Russian toy called the Matryoshka doll, which is a doll, inside a doll, inside a doll… well you get the point.

8. Puzzle Pieces

Homemade puzzles can be made at home with some cardboard, glue, and a printer. Puzzle patterns can be downloaded from the internet and then printed out. Place the puzzle pattern over sturdy cardboard and trace out the designs. Then place and glue- your secret message or image over the puzzle cardboard pattern and carefully cut out the individual pieces. Place all pieces in a box and wrap it. On the of, the gift receiver will have to put together the puzzle in order to find out what their gift is.

A person placing a piece of a puzzle on a table, showcasing Quinceanera product design

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9. Scavenger Hunt

Send the gift-receiver on a mini scavenger hunt around your house. Each location should have a new clue until eventually, they get to where you hid the present.

A Quinceanera celebration at Kalahari Resorts & Conventions - Wisconsin Dells. The guests are enjoying the festivities and the atmosphere is filled with joy. There are beautiful decorations and colorful lights all around. Everyone is dressed in elegant attire and the celebration is in full swing.

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10. Good Ol’ Wrapping Paper

Of course, there is nothing more classic and wonderful than wrapping a present the old fashion way. This includes festive wrapping paper, maybe some ribbon, and a beautiful shiny bow on top.

Quinceanera presents wrapped in brown paper with red and white pom poms

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Let us know how you decide to wrap your gifts in the comment below!

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