10 DIY Halloween Costumes That Will Never Go Out of Style
10 DIY Halloween Costumes That Will Never Go Out of Style

10 DIY Halloween Costumes That Will Never Go Out of Style

  Still don't know what to dress up as?

Then you'll love the following characters for their ease of recreation and popularity.

If you've already celebrated your Quince and would like to reuse your dress, here are two options...

10) Minnie Mouse

Black, white, and red dots with a pair of cute ears are all you need to recreate this classic costume.

A Quinceanera woman dressed in a Minnie Mouse polka dot dress and a woman dressed in a Minnie Mouse costume

9) Angel or Devil

Do you want to look innocent but flirty or wicked? Simply put on makeup on your face and dress in white or red with black depending on which one you choose.

Two women dressed up as devil and angel in Quinceanera themed Halloween costumes, holding umbrellas

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8) Minion

Because Minions will never go out of style, maybe because it's so easy to dress up like them.

7) Clown

The good thing about dressing up as a clown on Halloween is that you have two options for your look; you have the option to paint your face and look glamorous or super scary. You decide.

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6) Princess Belle

Need an excuse to put on your Quinceañera yellow dress again? Use it for Halloween night to recreate Belle's look.


5) Joker

Dress up as one of the most popular villains everyone admires! With the new release of the Joker movie, it will be even more common.

4) Wonder Woman

One of the most successful movies of 2017, so surely there will be several girls and even boys dressed as Princess Diana of Themyscira on Halloween night.

3) Day of the Dead Catrina

A great opportunity to celebrate our Hispanic culture by paying tribute to a beautiful tradition.



2) Zombie Quinceañera

Destroy your Quinceañera dress for a good cause, like winning a costume contest and helping your parents with the expenses they made for your big celebration.

1) Mermaid

A real challenge for makeup-loving young girls.



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