10 Things to do before going back to school
10 Things to do before going back to school

10 Things to do before going back to school

No matter the date you return, you'll have enough time to do the following activities. You'll be very happy to have taken on this holiday challenge.

Each of these things will serve as a conversation topic when you return to school or will be a life lesson.

1) Read a book

Take this vacation as an opportunity to read something new, something of your choice, something you like. Reading will improve your vocabulary and enhance your creativity and imagination.


2) Ask your grandparents questions

Sometimes we forget that our grandparents were once our age. Have you imagined what their courtship was like without social media? Ask grandma what she thinks of Snapchat – it will be fun!


3) Try something new

Whether it's painting, drawing, Pilates, or learning to play the guitar. Take advantage of your free time to discover a hobby you might have a talent for.


4) Visit the local museum

If money is not an obstacle and you can't go out, become a tourist in your city. Look for nearby places on the internet that you can visit to learn more about your community.


5) Study

You wouldn't want your brain to get lazy during the holidays. Choose a documentary on Netflix or find an interesting topic and become an expert in the field.


6) Enjoy a family weekend

Once you return to classes, it will be more challenging for all family members to coordinate schedules. It would be ideal to plan a family weekend, either at home or out of town.


7) Plan

Mark dates for exams, birthdays, and special occasions on your calendar to be prepared for the school year.


8) Attend the fair or an amusement park

Several parks offer special discounts for the summer, and fairs give discounts to students. Although they are no longer together, Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas had a great time at Disneyland.


9) Change your hair

Perhaps it's time for a change of look. Surprise your classmates, teachers, and friends with a new trend in your hair.


10) Hang out with your friends

As we mentioned, once you return to school, it will be difficult for everyone to get together, especially if they don't attend the same school. Doesn't a pajama night with your best friends sound fun?

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