10 Brilliant DIY Ideas for your Ugly Christmas Sweater
10 Brilliant DIY Ideas for your Ugly Christmas Sweater

10 Brilliant DIY Ideas for your Ugly Christmas Sweater

Is there a hideous sweater you’ve been hiding in your closet for months and don’t know how to get rid of it?! Before you burn it at the next bonfire or throw it away, use it to create your very own ugly Christmas sweater!

Grab some Christmas ornaments and a glue gun from your garage and put your creativity to the test! Make your own DIY ugly Christmas sweater!

Christmas Trees

All you need are a glue gun, garland, glitter glue, jingles, colorful ornaments and cotton balls to recreate this look! Finish off your Christmas look by creating your own headband with a star on top!

Cute Rudolph

Still want to keep it cute and classy? No worries, we totally get it!

A girl wearing a pink Christmas sweater with a reindeer on it, celebrating QuinceaneraGarland

Love to be extra? Grab an old cardigan to create this look! All you need is a hot glue gun, silver garlands, tiny ornaments and your outfit is complete!

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Make a stylish cardigan half sleeve with garlands!

A young girl wearing a green Christmas sweater, also known as a Christmas jumper, for a Quinceanera celebration.

Light them up when purchasing this Christmas Cardigan from F21!

Stuffed Christmas Animals

Ugly Christmas Sweater


Quinceanera costume: A woman standing in front of a door wearing a funny Christmas outfit

Channel your inner creativity!

ugly 9

A woman wearing an ugly Christmas sweater stands in front of a Quinceanera themed Christmas tree.

Personalize it to your own taste!

Christmas Carols

Keep it fun and simple with your favorite Christmas carol lyrics. 😉

sweatshirt T-shirt

Click here to purchase from Etsy!

Twins for a Day

Want to match with your bestie? Check this out…

ugly 11

Aww, create a matching ugly sweater with your bestie!

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