15 Cute Halloween Costumes for You and Your Girl Gang
15 Cute Halloween Costumes for You and Your Girl Gang

15 Cute Halloween Costumes for You and Your Girl Gang

Looking for cute Halloween costumes for you and your girl squad?

Look no further, we’ve got you covered! Halloween day is quickly creeping upon us and it’s super important to get coordinated. First, you should create a group chat with all of your friends who are participating in the group costumes. Next, start brainstorming and throwing some ideas out – you can do this by sharing this article with them. Once you have all settled on the costumes, everyone should decide on the character that they want to be. Lastly, keep the chat active with costume updates! Keep reading for 15 of the cutest Halloween costumes for you and your spooky squad!


Halloween Costume #1: Harry Potter

#2: Cowgirls


#3: Fairies


#4:Powder Puff Girls

#5: Bratz

#6: TikTok Ghost

#7: Blind Mice


 #8: Clueless

#9: Hocus Pocus


 #10: Disney Princess

#11: Riverdale



#12: Hydro Flask- VSCO Girls

#13: Angels and Devils

#14: LifeGuards

#15:  Nuns

In conclusion, most of the Halloween outfits provided are super easy to put together with everyday clothes.  Spend some time going through your whole closet before going out and spending money at a Halloween store.  You’d be surprised with what you can be together. You could even find pieces that you can lend to your friends. Also, make sure to scout for cool locations to take your pictures. Halloween falls on a Sunday this year and most schools will probably have their Halloween festivals on Friday. That means that your  Instagram pictures are going to be limited to school grounds. It can also be a good idea to plan out activities to do after school so that your group gets more time to show off the marvelous costumes.



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