5 key words to successfully plan your quinceañera
5 key words to successfully plan your quinceañera

5 key words to successfully plan your quinceañera

Take note of these five words: Money, Discipline, Dedication, Determination, and, of course, Fun.

If you follow these tips to the letter, you'll surely succeed in the organization of your fifteenth birthday party.



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The old saying, "The world revolves around money," is almost 100% true. So the first word you should consider when planning is the MONEY involved in the celebration. This shouldn't demotivate you; it's a matter of common sense. You must know how much you'll have available before starting to plan. Have a conversation with your parents, and don't be capricious. Remember that the most important thing on this journey to your 15 is that you're growing up; you're almost an adult and need to learn to act like one. Once your family has determined how much they'll invest in making your dream come true, you can start setting a date and planning with certainty.



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All the money in the world is useless if you're not disciplined in organizing your party. Set the date, choose the venue, make the guest list. Develop the plan and stick to it! Any amount will seem insufficient if you don't know how to hire, spend, and also learn to save without compromising the quality of what you'll offer at your party. It's also important not to neglect your studies, sports, loved ones, and artistic and community interests during the time it takes to prepare the celebration.



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Allocate specific time each day or set aside a few hours a week (these hours may vary from a few to many more as the planning progresses and the date approaches) to perform necessary tasks, from making calls, viewing dress or decoration photos to choosing flowers or cake models. If you can't complete them one day, then find another time to catch up. Remember that you can't bury your head in the sand like an ostrich. If things aren't done on time, they'll accumulate, and it will be too late to do everything at once. Seek allies to join your team; an extra helping hand is never too much, even if they live far away. For example, an aunt who lives in another city can help you with party favors or decorating your tiara. Don't underestimate the power of familial love in these cases.



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No matter how much you plan, sometimes you'll feel like time isn't enough, or the budget won't cover all those expenses, and the guest list has grown without you noticing. Don't lose sight of your direction and fuel your motivation with a journal, talking to someone you trust, or even participating in our forum. Sharing your experiences with other fifteen-year-olds can help you in the process, and perhaps other girls can give you good ideas.



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You can't leave the fun for the day of your party. Your Quince won't just be your elaborate dress, the waltz, the surprise dance, dancing to the DJ's music, or opening gifts. Remember that you'll be fifteen for a day, but the memories will last a lifetime. Make sure to make the process enjoyable, thank your parents, family, and friends for helping you realize your party, and cherish all those moments in the most beautiful album that can exist: your own memory.



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