A Radiant Rose Gold Quinceañera Theme for a Princess
A Radiant Rose Gold Quinceañera Theme for a Princess

A Radiant Rose Gold Quinceañera Theme for a Princess

Rose gold is a beautiful inviting color that represents elegance, style, luxury, wealth, and warmth.

A Quinceañera who chooses to have a rose gold quince is a romantic at heart and enjoys the finer things in life.

It’s not a coincidence that rose gold is commonly seen in most jewelry. The best thing about a rose gold color palette is that it can be paired and combined with other colors according to your preference. Rose gold makes a lovely pair with colors such as teal, gray, lilac, cream, white, and baby blue. In this article you will find inspiration to consider to throw your own rose gold quince!


Rose Gold COVID-19 Party Favors

The pandemic may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean that people are going to be 100% comfortable with being out and without a mask. It’s going to be important for us to gift our guest with COVID-19 party favors such as hand sanitizers, masks, and disinfecting wipes that are going to make our guest feel safe and comfortable. Consider getting your party favors labeled with your name and with a matching rose gold theme.



Rose Gold Cake

A rose gold cake is an elegant choice that will leave you and your guest wanting to keep the cake forever! There are so many cute options and that you can add to your cake such as real roses and edible glitter to name a few. You can never go wrong with a rose gold cake.


Rose Gold XV Dresses Galore

A rose gold quinceañera dress will have you feeling like the belle of the ball. Your family and friends will be blown away once you step out in the perfect rose gold dress. Tulle, pink diamonds and glitter will pair perfectly with any rose gold quince gown.
Fun Fact: Rose gold can look great on all skin tones such as cool and warm tones. Your quince court will thank you later for picking out such a great dress color.


XV Decorations

We want our hall or party venue to be a reflection of ourselves and our XV theme. Since we are going with rose gold theme, we want our decorations to express elegance, style, and luxury. Consider having rose gold and gold everything! Such as the chairs, utensils, and the center pieces to create an atmosphere of wealth and warmth for your guest.

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