Anahi: A Rebel Makes Her Debut with a Delirious New Album
Anahi: A Rebel Makes Her Debut with a Delirious New Album

Anahi: A Rebel Makes Her Debut with a Delirious New Album

AnahiDespite the fact that Anahi has been in the show business almost her entire life, ever since she was two to be exact, it wasn’t until 2004 that she reached worldwide fame when she became part of the group, RBD.

The group’s popularity in the TV soap, “Rebelde,” was so great that, thanks to the millions of fans, they topped many radio and television charts and quickly became an unprecedented phenomenon.

However, everything must come to an end. On March 10, 2009, the group announced their break-up and after a farewell tour, each of the members went their own way.

Pop vs. Alternative
Months after RBD’s break up, the first member to emerge as a solo artist was none other than Anahi. In a different and unexpected style, she opts for an alternative sound without leaving behind her pop roots.

Anahi tells us that this change is “what I needed to find my rhythm, especially after RBD, which was something great that everyone criticizes. I wanted to find my place, my evolution.”

Thus, this new project demonstrates this great evolution, given that the first single and half of the album was produced by the regiomontano band Kinky, “fusing the pop I carry in my veins with some of their craziness and alternative style.”

Even when the result was something completely different from what she was accustomed to, Anahi found “an amazing halfway point that doesn’t lean too much one way or another,” creating a balance between pop and alternative music.

“Mi Delirio”
In addition to the partnership with Kinky, Anahi’s fans can expect a few surprises in her new album, one of which is a song written by Gloria Trevi and composed by Kinky. She also plans to take her fans down memory lane “with a wonderful cover song, but that is the biggest surprise. It’s kind of an old song, but we modernized it and the result is a super cover.” On top of that, most of the tracks are co-written by her, “something new and different that will leave a mark in this new phase.”

100% Rebel
Although her days as a rebel are well in the past, Anahi assures that she will never forget that period in her life because “RBD changed the lives of all six of us, something we can never deny. I will always carry my RBD flag everywhere I go, but obviously it gave us recognition and allowed us to grow, evolve, and mature. In only five years we grew, learned, and now we each have a well-established personality. I have mine, I found myself, and I know what I want to do. I just have to do it: release the album, which is approaching, fly high, and go with the flow to see what happens. Whatever the universe allows.”

The Small Screen
While television has been a great part of Anahi’s career, those who hope to see her back in soaps will have to keep waiting since “now is not the time because I’m really into my music. When I do something I like to do it 100% because when you do two things at a time you only give half as much. After “Rebelde” there would have to be a story that enchants me 100%, a white story, just as I like them… very posh, no nudity, and the truth is that you don’t see much of that in TV.”

Anahi concludes that she prefers to follow her heart, which in this case is releasing her new album. Although the album is not titled yet, it will be released on November 24.

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