Barbara Mori: “I like to take risks in life”
Barbara Mori: “I like to take risks in life”

Barbara Mori: “I like to take risks in life”

Born in Uruguay but Mexican at heart, Barbara Mori, actress, model, producer and also a mother, knows how to work her outstanding beauty as well as her serene and confident attitude.


Over a decade ago the soap opera “Rubi” made her internationally famous. Later, films such as “La mujer de mi hermano”, “Amor, dolor y viceversa” and the Bollywood movie “Kites” demonstrated her talent for the big screen.

In fact, she studied filmmaking in Los Angeles and has created her own production company in which she is currently preparing her next big project, the television series named “Luna” where she will play the main character and that more than likely will captivate her thousands of fans.

If this wasn’t enough, Barbara Mori is creating a foundation that is going toto help sick children in Mexico as well as playing her biggest role: being the mother of a 14-year-old.

Bárbara Mori, a woman sitting on a couch holding a present at a Quinceanera celebration in 2012.

Barbara Mori encourages young girls to enjoy being 15 rather than rushing growing up.

In your opinion, what is the most difficult part of raising a child?
I believe the hardest is to make the child open up to the parent so a trusting relationship can exist. The most important thing is not to feel judged so you can remain honest. I consider myself lucky to have such an open relationship with my son.

What advice will you share with a mom to improve the relationship with her child?
I will tell here to give advice based on her personal experience and to make free decisions. I never lie to my son and I have taught him never to do lie as well, this has helped us to have a relationship based on respect.

Obesity is currently serious issues amongst teens, how do you think parents facing this situation should handle it?
If as a parent you notice your child has weight issues, then someone needs to be responsible about it. Just be careful not to pressure your child to a point where you can cause a trauma and make him or her overeat.

What’s your perspective on diets?
I don’t like diets; they are too strict and make you overeat. It is better to be free and have a balance. You can eat an ice cream today and eat healthy tomorrow and everything will be fine.

Do you follow a particular beauty routine you will like to share with our readers?
I exercise every day because I like to keep my weight and feel healthy. This way oxygen flows through my body and I feel energetic throughout the day. Otherwise I do not feel like myself. Besides, I eat healthy and drink a lot of water. I am being honest, I do not do diets.

A Quinceanera woman, Bárbara Mori, holding a pink box with a green bow in 2012.

Barbara Mori is the spokesperson for Saba and its feminine sanitary products.

Turning 15 is a great moment in a young girl’s life, how should she react about it?
There is a time for everything and the most important thing is to enjoy being 15 and not want to live your life as if you were 25. There is no need to smoke to belong to a certain social circle or to rush to have a boyfriend. Live life day by day, enjoying the moment. Back in the day I was not able to have a Quinceañera, but if I was given the choice today, I would choose a trip.

What did turning 15 mean to you?
It is definitely an important phase in the life of a woman. Just like everyone else I also went through that process of finding out who you are.  Up to then, you follow anything your parents say but when you turn of age you begin to analyze even what they say. It is the beginning of adulthood.

As a mom and cancer survivor, is there any advice you will like to give to young girls regarding this issue?
To visit the doctor regularly for a checkup. I was only 29 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my annual checkup saved my life. On the other side, this also helped me realize how we tend to take things for granted by complaining about what we are missing instead of being grateful and happy for what we have.

Tell us more about your new projects, when can we see you in ‘Luna’?
We are just finishing the writing, it will hit the screens the beginning of next year. I am also thrilled with my “Amor Infinito” foundation, which I created with the help of my friend Oscar Aguirre where we plan to make true the dreams of sick children in Mexico.

One could say you have lived an intense life as an actress, model and now producer. What are you most proud of?
I feel more proud about my work in cinema and theater, although I love working in films. I love to play different characters, make time to prepare myself for them and grow as an actor.

Is there anything left to do?
Live life to the fullest, I love to take risks in life, those who don’t risk anything rarely win something.

Barbara Mori is the spokesperson for Saba and its feminine sanitary products. Participate in the Saba y Barbara Mori contest and you could win a trip for you and your best friend.


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