Daddy Yankee is still the King of Reggaeton
Daddy Yankee is still the King of Reggaeton

Daddy Yankee is still the King of Reggaeton

Born Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, “Daddy Yankee” has made the reggaeton genre his own with albums that have garnered the Puerto Rican artist a Latin Grammy, not to mention millions of followers on Twitter.

Barrio Fino
, which was released in 2004 with the participation of Wisin Y Yandel, Zion & Lennox, among other stellar acts of the lifestyle, introduced Daddy Yankee to a larger market with its hit single “Gasolina” becoming a worldwide hit.

Since then, he has released numerous albums to great success. However, his most recent project, Prestige, which was out this September through Sony Music and El Cartel Records (the singer’s own record company), is the performer’s attempt to elevate the quality of reggaeton music, including his own.

Daddy Yankee, a man with sunglasses and a tie in front of a purple background, inviting you to the Quinceanera celebration

Daddy Yankee is on Twitter @daddy_yankee

Why title the album “Prestige”?
Because I wanted everyone that heard it, to hear what is good. My fans are the best, so they deserve to hear quality music.

How exactly do you raise the bar in this album?
For this album we’re adding mambo, soca and more dance beats. I’m always true to the genre of reggaeton music, but it’s always good to play with more sounds, too.

And to include unexpected collaborations as well?
Yes, well, Prince Royce was on the first single. The video for it, for “Ven Conmigo”, has well over 58,000,000 views on YouTube and it did very good. I’m very happy about that.

You’re always connected with the fans, but this year you seem to be directing yourself to a specific, younger audience.
Oh, yes, the Quinceañeras. I did this thing with Verizon Wireless “My Fabulous Quince” where one girl would win a party for her and her friends and I would get to perform at her Quince. It was great.

What are you most excited about in regard to your participation at the winner’s Quince?
Definitely to be able to share that special moment in her life when she’s going to be surrounded by all her friends and her family. It’s going to be a historical event for her!

Growing up, were you ever invited to Quinceañera parties?
Not so much. In Puerto Rico they weren’t that popular, but I think that now more girls are having one. It’s one of the most important celebrations in Latin culture, so I can see why so many girls are having one.

Did you know that boys are having Quinceañeras too?
I don’t know about that. I think it’s more of a girl thing because in Puerto Rico we as men just kind of lay back and chill at a party. Girls get more excited about that stuff, I think.

Quince girls are always looking for the hottest tracks to include in their party. Why should they include yours?
Prestige has been out since September 11, and it’s been very hot on the radio even before it was released. From the album, ‘Pasarela’ is the number one song for Quinceañeras right now; all the clubs are playing it. ‘Lovumba’ is out, too, and once you hear it you can’t stop dancing! It’s an album I’m very proud of, and I’m sure all my Quinceañeras from Quinceanera.com will love.

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