Let Gustavo Galindo captivate you with his Songs
Let Gustavo Galindo captivate you with his Songs

Let Gustavo Galindo captivate you with his Songs



 The new commitment of Surco Records, is a Mexico-American boy armed with a guitar who writes songs that speak of the city, the sea, love and distance imposed between what we are and what we want, where our dreams and where our heart really is. The debut of this young Los Angeles resident, called “Between the city and the sea” and was at the legendary studio of producer Oscar winner Gustavo Santaolalla.

After nearly a year of waiting, finally the debut album will be released on March 8 and will conclude the day with a concert at the King King in Hollywood. In addition, Mexican singer-songwriter with Ximena Sariñana has formed an alliance destined to go to South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX in mid-March.

Here Gustavo Galindo tells his story, which can be a guy in your neighborhood … with a lot of heart!


 His companion, the acoustic guitar

I started playing guitar at eleven. It was something with my family in Mexico, we always got together, we drew out the guitars and started to sing. And for me, it was a familiar thing to just start playing the guitar.

Then, when I learned to play, I started writing my own songs. As a “rocker” and little things like that. When I went to college in Claremont, CA, formed a band called Blue Judy and started playing original songs. And when I graduated from Los Angeles, while writing songs for Blue Judy, was writing songs in Spanish.

I was trying to find a style between that mixture of English rock to rock lyrics in Spanish. I got interested in bands such as Molotov, Juanes, Café Tacuba and then did a demo I recorded two years ago (The City, 2007), where did original songs in Spanish.

Furthermore, I sent the demo to different people, and so I got my managers, and they then sent the demo to various record labels and the record company told us they liked, it was Groove, is the label of Gustavo Santaolalla. From there, we started working on this album.

Gustavo, in midwater

I was born in Mexico City and lived there until age 5. My mother is American, and my dad is Mexican, and I’ve always been in two worlds, two cultures, two languages and my stories as they come of this romantic idea I have of Mexico, not to be there but just trying to belong and here.

I see many Mexicans here miss their homeland, Mexico. And when I go to Mexico, Mexicans see it as returning to the United States miss too. Are these portraits, the stories of those who come here to seek a better world and at the same time wonder what they leave behind.

All production, and perhaps this is the process with the record, it was a year trying to fix all the mess and try to arrange my songs. They were then about two years it took to fix the entire production of the disc.

The first song on the album is called “The City.” This is Mexico City and the economic and social rules with which you are in the city and the loss of innocence, which sometimes happens faster in the cities.

His sounds and the musicians

It's very important for me to be around people I can trust, with my friends, rather than having session musicians and not knowing who they are or what they will do. I prefer to have my friends and people I really know. Then, to form the live band, I will play with the bassist and the drummer that I played with in college, Blue Judy, I still play with them, because they have been friends of mine for many years, and then the guitarist Josh Sonntag who already He played on the record and knows all the parts and is a great musician. He helps me a lot because he has experience and good ideas as a group director. He has a very good ear and playing live is cooler playing with my friends than with other musicians.

Hand in hand with Ximena SariñanaGustavo_Galindo_con_Ximena_Sariñana

Ximena and I became friends during his tour of Texas, where I had the honor of sharing the stage with her. We have the same attitude of being very proactive, and if nobody is going to help or support on anything we want, we can do it ourselves, and we will find a way to do it. Then, to attend the SXSW festival we are helping each other, so you can go to Austin without getting poorer at the end. I think it is now especially important to help artists, because you can not have labels or promoters, which do not have money to contribute.

Knocking on doors

Well, right now we are trying to realize some very grassroots to bring music to where people want to hear. The idea of ??playing in the dining room or at a house party is something that I like a lot, and it appeals to me.

Would you like Gustavo Galindo to inspire you for your fifteen? Watch his videos on YouTube and listen to his songs on iTunes.

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