DIY Celebrity Halloween Costumes
DIY Celebrity Halloween Costumes

DIY Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Grab some pieces from your closet; borrow mom’s vintage fashion items and shop at your nearest Goodwill store to copy these fab girls’ style!

There is no need to spend a fortune on the trendiest Halloween costumes, just  think outside the box and DIY Celebrity style!

Taylor Swift’s New Persona

taylor-swift-minNow that the “old Taylor” is dead and this edgier version of Miss Swift has made an appearance erasing every trace of her past (at least on her social media accounts), you can make the best entertainment statement by dressing up as this always powerful femme.

Pregnant Kylie Jenner

kylie_jenner-minThe hardest part about pulling off a complete Kylie transformation is no longer the plump lips look, but the baby bump she’ll soon be sporting. Though this may not be your parents’ ideal costume idea for you to wear, without a doubt it will be on the top 10 most popular Halloween costumes.

 Bella Hadid on Sneakers #Cringe

bella_hadidWe’re sure you’ve seen the latest interview with Complex on her favorite options for boys’ sneakers. Most sites have shared it as “cringe worthy” mostly because of the model slang use and awkwardness. What do you need to pull this costume, you ask? Light jeans, black strappy blouse, Chanel choker, yellow belt and a side half ponytail.

Ariana Grande’s New Hair

Ariana Grande, a woman with long grey hair and hearts on her head, Quinceanera themeThe celebrity who has not changed her look since she entered the music industry surprised her followers and non-fans with her latest (and only?) drastic change when uncovering a grayish shaded long hairstyle on Instagram. Although she has yet to post any more pictures, it is somehow still newsworthy…

New Rihanna

Quinceanera fashion model Rihanna, a woman in a black dress and white high heelsFor the past months Riri has been criticized by some but appraised by many more all due to her latest “thicker” figure. Several asked if the singer had put on weight due to an upcoming character portrayal while others seem to love this curvier silhouette. Make sure to sport some Fenty brand on you, whether it is clothing or makeup.


Which one is your favorite? Send your Halloween Costume pics to jocelyn@quinceañera.com or tag us on Instagram and we will be creating a Halloween album on our social media accounts!

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