An Electrifying Christmas at Disneyland Resort
An Electrifying Christmas at Disneyland Resort

An Electrifying Christmas at Disneyland Resort

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 With fireworks, parades and snow to enjoy the magic of the holiday season with friends and loved ones, much more special is the Disneyland Resort. Sunday, November 28, the family of Carmen Castillo, winner of “takes you to Disneyland Quinceanera.com” got surprises and joys of the season’s most beautiful “happiest place on Earth.” You can too! Visiting Disney and tuning in this season’s special “Christmas from Disney” on ABC, the teen singer Selena Gomez.

Carmen Castillo, from Downey, California, participated in the contest to receive a pass valid for 4 people to visit Disneyland and Disney California Adventure for the whole day, courtesy of Disney and El Clasificado. Her dream came true and in a beautiful Sunday with her husband, Diego Perez, daughter quinceañera, Perez and her sister Heidi Xarelene Perez, they explored the park and shared family memories that will be treasured forever.

“My family and I won tickets to Disneyland / California Adventure on November 28, 2010. We visited both parks on the same day and it was fun. Christmas is the best time of year at Disney, thanks to El Clasificado for giving us this wonderful moment.”

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Pérez Castillo’s family visited the most popular attractions at Disneyland Resort, as the Christmas version of “It’s a Small World” and Haunted Mansion, and the parade “A Christmas Fantasy”, the colorful Christmas decorations and fireworks. But the biggest surprise is to enjoy nightly snowfall on Main Street, USA.

“We started visiting Disneyland, we lived all the holiday magic and attractions. My future teenager thought the best was the Christmas shutdown and got many ideas for their dance and waltz, as well as beautiful dresses,” said Carmen.

This season, the magic of Disney allows traditional snow and icicles adorn the castle of Sleeping Beauty and by nightfall, a stunning Christmas show of lights and special effects brings the magic of Christmas from the castle to the Christmas tree located in Town Square. This spectacular Christmas tree, 60 feet high, with more than 62,000 LED lights.

The presentation at the castle of Sleeping Beauty includes the legendary fireworks show “Believe … in Holiday Magic,” which takes visitors on a journey through the sights and sounds of the season, and ends with a rousing rendition of “White Christmas” with snow falling on Main Street, USA, “It’s a Small World” and New Orleans Square Mall.

During the day, visitors can enjoy the Disneyland parade “A Christmas Fantasy”, where Disney characters come together to celebrate the magic of the season. While the characters are drawn carriage which wrapped gifts, holiday baked delicacies and prepare for the arrival of Santa Claus, who goes on his sleigh waving cheerfully to the spectators of the parade, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse come to enjoy ice skating accompanied by cute snowmen.

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A perfect ride for Quinceañeras

“Then we went to Disney California Adventure, where we rode as fast attractions” Tower of Terror “and” California Adventure “. Finally, we saw Alladin’s show, which we loved. ”

At Disney California Adventure, Christmas is celebrated with great entertainment and decorations throughout the park. “A Bug’s Land” is transformed when Flik and his friends giant insects lay huge Christmas lights and decorations throughout the region. Paradise Bay has a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and lights with Christmas decorations, and Santa Claus greets visitors from the boardwalk near Ariel’s Grotto.

Castillo’s family was also able to enjoy the “Pixar Play Parade”, where they saw the energetic dance competition “Disney Dance Crew” on the Backlot Hollywood Pictures Backlot Stage, and the rock concert, “Disney Channel Rocks,” with music of the movies and the Disney Channel.

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And to end the night, the Castillo family could enjoy the exciting nightlife “Electronics” inspired the new film from Walt Disney Pictures, “TRON: Legacy.”

If you want an adventure similar to that experienced by the Castillo family in your holiday year-end vacations, the two Disneyland Resort theme parks operate with extended hours for visitors to enjoy all the excitement and fun of Christmas.

And if you want to experience the Disney magic at home, do not miss the Christmas special from ABC Disney, the teen singer Selena Gomez.

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