Five Perfect Dates for Valentine’s Day
Five Perfect Dates for Valentine’s Day

Five Perfect Dates for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

Don’t wait for him to plan your valentines, take charge and surprise him! We put together a list of cool and cheap valentine dates for you to enjoy with your BAE!

Boat ride! Yup, get a paddle boat and go on the lake for a romantic one hour getaway. A canoe is fun but harder to maneuver.  Whatever you decide add a little surprise and take him his favorite snack and sports drink, pedaling can be tiring … Plus it will show you know his sweet spot. Where do you go for a boat ride? To your local park. Call before hand and make sure they have them available. It will run you about $20 for the hour.

Pedal Boat

Dinner and a movie! Stop! Not your traditional fast good and local theater. Take him to a dine in theater. The seats are actual recliners!!!! And you have a server that will come to your seat to take your order, now that is what we call a date! Prepare to spend $100. We recommend you buy your tickets ahead of time… It will be packed on Valentines.insta


Arcade – If your guy loves video games then give him what he loves! Take him to a place with an arcade and food like Dave and Busters and be ready with a $50 gift card. Make it fun for you by checking out the games before hand to find one that picks your interest:)

Dave & Buster's

Game On! He will remember you forever and ever if you go this route! They can’t resist the emotion of live professional sports competition. Are you dating a soccer fan? Look up soccer tickets on Livingsocial.com this site offer sporting events at half price, he will never know;) You will need a credit card or debit card to pay online so don’t forget to ask your parents or older sister.


Paint ball – What is another thing guys like aside from competition? More competition! Yes, weird but they can’t help it, they are men… Plus, competition is always good. Paintball is fun, cool and inexpensive, about $20 per person. Make sure you are quick on your feet and don’t be afraid to get dirty… Go get them! Call in and see if they have any discounts or check online thru groupon.com

Paintball for Valentine's Day

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to have fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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