'Halloween costumes inspired by famous women'
'Halloween costumes inspired by famous women'

'Halloween costumes inspired by famous women'

Famous Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself!

No need to spend a fortune on trendy Halloween costumes, just think a bit more and make them yourself.

The Daring Taylor Swift


With the release of her latest production, Taylor Swift killed off her old self and erased any trace (at least on her social media accounts) of her previous existence. Pay tribute to the renewed and doubly daring Miss Swift by dressing up in her new look.

Pregnant Kylie Jenner

The hardest part of completing a Kylie Jenner-style transformation won't be a pair of extra thick lips but finding a way to showcase a cute baby bump. Although the idea of dressing up this way may not be your parents' favorite, it will undoubtedly be one of the top 10 costumes of the year.

Bella Hadid in her Complex interview

You've probably seen Bella Hadid's video interview with Complex where she shared her favorite "sneaker" styles. Several websites and Twitter users have labeled her as "quirky" for the way she expresses herself. What do you need for this look? Jeans, a yellow belt, Chanel choker, black tank top, hoop earrings, and a side ponytail with gel.

Ariana Grande with a new look

Ariana Grande, a woman with long grey hair and hearts on her head, Quinceanera theme
Known for sporting the same look for years, Ariana Grande shocked her followers with a drastic change in her hair color, dyeing her locks a grayish tone. Although she has only posted a single photo, the media continues to talk about the singer's new look.

The New Rihanna

Quinceanera fashion model Rihanna, a woman in a black dress and white high heels
For the past few months, Riri has been photographed flaunting a new figure with many more curves, and although some have criticized her for gaining weight, there are more fans of the singer's new and improved silhouette. Make sure to wear something from the Fenty brand, whether it's clothing or makeup.


Which one is your favorite? Send photos of your Halloween costume to jocelyn@quinceañera.com or tag us on Instagram, and we might feature your costume on our social media.


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