Kate Beckinsale kicks butt in “Underworld: Awakening”
Kate Beckinsale kicks butt in “Underworld: Awakening”

Kate Beckinsale kicks butt in “Underworld: Awakening”

A picture of Sandrine Holt and Kate Beckinsale, two women in wet suits standing in front of a fire at a Quinceanera event

"Underworld: Awakening" is in theaters January 20, 2012.

Kate Beckinsale, the sweet and feminine actress who has previously played several Shakespearean roles, is now used to the sordid world of air kicks and expected punches that the Hollywood world requires her to participate in. This is all too common in the film industry, which has the capability of turning a woman who has never stepped foot in a gym into a hardcore killing machine.

In “Underworld: Awakening”, the British actress has conquered the genre with the science fiction saga that has kept fans entertained since 2003 and is currently on its 4th film.

You are without a doubt successful, but is it surprising you still get offered action roles?
Definitely, it is still very strange that I am being offered these roles after doing so many romantic and Shakespearean roles. I had not even filmed any American movies before entering the action genre, in part due to my British and delicate background. I guess it is weird because I was not raised with any type of title, and I was never a gymnast or an athlete. Furthermore, I feel like a total fraud, but it seems to flow with me, which was truly a revelation for me as well.

Does the extreme violence of your character bother you?
Not at all, it must be because this was my third time working with this character, hence I am used to her anger management issues.

Was this film harder to film than the others? The physical wear seemed apparent.
I did a lot of training for the first one, since I realized I had spent most of my life inactive (laughs). It is terrible because they wanted to see me run and it was awkward.

Would you like to see yourself doing other genres?
I am not so in control with what I do. My comfort zone is independent dramas and I would love to do more comedies, but I don’t seem to find brilliant roles such as “Bridesmaids”. No matter what, this is an extraordinary opportunity, afar from what I normally do.

Has the pressure of turning 40 hit you as many other Hollywood actresses?
I still do not feel any warmness, so I am not on the verge yet. I am certain it will hit me, but as of now I live inside my own bubble, careless about the future. I am a lot more confident about myself now that I use to in the past.

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