Love Bad Bunny? Here’s How to Include Him in Your XV!
Love Bad Bunny? Here’s How to Include Him in Your XV!

Love Bad Bunny? Here’s How to Include Him in Your XV!

We all love the Puerto Rican reggaetonero who has dominated the world and our hearts with his music, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio or as many of us know him, Bad Bunny.

It would be a dream to have him perform at our quinceañera, but with him currently on a tour that seems a bit impossible and it can also get pretty expensive. So here are a couple of ways to include him at your quince without having to break the bank.


Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run, embrace your individuality!

Bad bunny bouquet
Credit: Instagram @leboutiquexv

Bad Bunny Dessert Table

You could have a Bad Bunny-themed cake! The cake table usually doubles up as the dessert table. So the possibilities are endless! There can be Bad Bunny cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries with edible bad bunny stickers, cake pops, macarons, or cookies with the bad bunny logo. 

Bad bunny quince cakes
Credit: Instagram @pastries_peonies

If you don’t want to overdo it with Benito’s face everywhere you can add bunny sprinkles to some of the desserts to have a settled look.

Bad bunny cupcakes
Credit: Instagram @sweets_by_stephh

Picture ready!

Spice up your quinceañera photo booth by adding some Bad Bunny props. This can include a Bad Bunny backdrop, balloons, pictures, or funny sayings on wooden sticks so that your guests can enjoy themselves. You can also have a Bad Bunny photo booth template if you rather not spend on all the props. The pictures will be a great memory for everyone!


There are plenty of options to include Bad Bunny for entertainment. It can be as simple as adding him to the DJ playlist or dancing to one of his songs for your baile de sorpresa, even getting him to perform which would be a dream come true! For those of us who are on a budget, we can still get the best of both worlds! There are special event services that include a DJ and someone dressed up as Bad Bunny to help you celebrate just like these.

Bad bunny quinceanera props
Credit: Instagram @djponcesa

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