Natalie Portman: A moment in pink
Natalie Portman: A moment in pink

Natalie Portman: A moment in pink



 Night of the Golden Globe 2010 Natalie Portman looked beautifully pregnant. The delicate pink dress with a draped open front and a red rose embroidered on the bra made her look like a Caryatid modern, full of joy to enjoy one of the moments in life when everything seems to go with the wind. After his acclaimed performance in the psychological drama “Black Swan”, which won her rave reviews and nominations, released her first romantic comedy “No Strings Attached”, on 21 January, with the nice and handsome Ashton Kutcher.

It looks like a fairy tale, a story of pink that captivate Hollywood, a stretch of life that Portman, 29, describes as an “honor” of being able to sit at the table “with women of different generations. ” “The best awards that may come is to share and spend time with actresses I admire,” she says.

Natalie came as favorite to the Golden Globes and a sure bet to enter the Oscars as best actress for peak performance in “Black Swan”, to premiere two films and pregnant with a genius of dance, Benjamin Millepied, that no-known-as during one of their movies.

But it is possible that modesty does not serve much in these days of ownership. Monopolizing attention, even when sharing a table with Ashton Kutcher and Ivan Reitman, co-star and director of the new comedy released on February 2, “No Strings Attached.”

In the press conference a few days ago to promote the film, most eyes were on her work, the transition from a dense film as “Black Swan” her first romantic film in which she plays a young nurse who maintains an open relationship with a childhood friend, the only condition being that she will not let feelings or formal obligations between them.

“Friends with benefits”

“It was an interesting leap from a set disciplined, focused and unique to a scene much more playful and fun, while always maintaining a professional tone,” says the Israeli actress. “It was an incredible atmosphere and I had to put in shape. I really thought that nurses do not have time for that,” she laughs.

He served also as executive producer, so he had to start work two years earlier in the project with Ivan Reitman. “It was interesting to see how the script changed and evolved along the way,” he said.

natalie_portman_dress_sketchFew nude scenes

Portman was aware that she must deal with in-bed scenes in this staging. But the director, Ivan Reitman does far profession, to understand the message and the sexual intensity between the characters, without the need to show nudity.

For Natalie, an actress with little experience in such scenes, it was a relief to arrive in the last days of filming, when she had gained some confidence with Ashton Kutcher. “I think you’re always thinking about when they will shout the word ‘cut’,” said Kutcher. “These scenes involve a technical process. Always more complicated than it is in real life.”

“Part of what the film tries to explain is that there is too much sex detached from emotions, and is good in the end the characters are together,” said Portman, who in addition to “No Strings Attached” and “Black Swan”, will debut In April another fantasy comedy, “Your Highness,” which began filming in Northern Ireland in the summer of 2009.

A baby

In the Golden Globes, Portman looked glamorously with her obvious pregnancy. After all that activity, she hopes that people will not get tired of seeing her face on the screen, take some time to spend with her family. “My next project will be cooking a baby,” she laughs.

But first you must collect the fruits of what worked, see how many awards you fall for their brilliant performances. It deserves, apparently, seen to be among the largest.

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