Penelope Cruz: Beauty Among Pirates
Penelope Cruz: Beauty Among Pirates

Penelope Cruz: Beauty Among Pirates


 The Spanish actress shines in all its splendor in the next installment in the saga led by Johnny Depp, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” a film that can give you ideas for your party mood 15 between galleons, mermaids, treasure and adventures at sea or perhaps use the theme “Palm Tree Escape” Rodrigo y Gabriela for your surprise dance.

With players willing to continue giving war galleons and skulls. This Friday, the Pirates will present their fourth film, starring Johnny Depp as a large banner with Captain Barbosa, played by Geoffrey Rush-star and a late addition that promises to join the dynasty for more secure future deliveries: the beautiful Penélope Cruz.

Besides the excitement of joining the franchise, makes clear his appreciation for the great help received during the shoot. “It meant a lot to me, considering my state,” he said.

Penélope Cruz survived a film full of swordsmen, choreography and the persistent rumors of her pregnancy. As usual, it is the personal life of Madrid, the secret was sharp, with a zeal and his son Leo among mortals, is called the creature has diminished.

Moreover, it ensures that fit the character of Angelica, the new love of Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Blackbeard’s daughter feared, it was easy for the sites selected for recording. “It helps to be outside of truth, much that hardly walk on a study for the tape. They even built a beach at Universal Studios. I thought I had misunderstood by my English, but when I saw that it was real,” she laughs.

Instant Chemistry

To Penelope, who won an Oscar for her role in “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” by Woody Allen, your character has a high component of imagination. Cruz joined the series of pirates Johnny Depp’s own hand, an old acquaintance of the road together after Madrid “Blow” in 2001.

“I felt like shooting Blow the previous day had ended,” says Depp, even though it has been more than ten years. The type of chemistry that would have been between us then, was revived immediately, and I think it was an incredible idea rolling together again. ”

Depp, who is still thinking it’s a miracle that people go to see films in which he acts, in a fit of false modesty, says he is open to go ahead with a fifth and a sixth installment of the adventures of Sparrow perhaps its most characteristic role to date. “You’ve never quite over with a character. The possibilities are endless.”

No news, however, following the shooting except that they have the idea and are working on a new script that makes sense to the discourse of the series. Explained a few days ago, the producer, Jerry Bruckheimer.

Beautiful and slim after maternity

Until that moment, what is, Cruz is installed on your life movie, halfway between Los Angeles and Madrid, the two places where your child will be raised Leonardo, the result of the relationship with fellow actor Javier Bardem.

“It will be a bilingual child,” says Cruz, always reticent to talk about his private life. Assured, however, that being a mother is the best thing that ever happened in life, a feeling “so profound” that can not find words to describe it.

Nor have trouble refuting the absurd news stories published about his weight loss regimen abruptly, something it denies. “I followed a Mediterranean diet, but one based on good food calories,” said the actress.

“I like Spanish and Italian cuisine too much. I try to eat healthy, but not always succeed.” She also had the help of two people to care for her baby, which is essential when she needed to sleep and recover from the picture to return to the big screen.

For now, been able to wear a slim figure for the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean in Los Angeles, their upcoming and yet another moment of glory in Hollywood and has long dominated.

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