School-themed movies you should watch.
School-themed movies you should watch.

School-themed movies you should watch.

School-themed movies have it all: comedy, drama, satire, and romance, all surrounded by a special atmosphere: high school.

Many of these iconic films have inspired generations culturally, artistically, and in terms of fashion. Here are the movies you shouldn't miss:

#1. Mean Girls

Ranked as one of the most iconic school movies to watch, with endless quotes and dialogues we hear in our everyday life.

Quinceanera celebration with Lindsay Lohan's famous 'Mean Girls' quote on October 3rd and a group of people sitting at a table

#2. Clueless

A 90s classic with an incredible wardrobe selection. This stylish chick-flick has not only been a generational movie element but has also influenced fashion for decades.

A woman sitting at a table with chopsticks in her hand, in a Quinceanera-themed image.

#3. The Princess Diaries

This classic Disney movie from the early 2000s shows every girl's dream of being a princess, having a fabulous makeover, and the real and mundane challenges a teenager faces.

A Quinceanera image showing a Princess Diaries transformation. Anne Hathaway is seen holding two pictures of a man and a woman.

#4. 10 Things I Hate About You

Based on a Shakespearean novel, this high school-set story will make you laugh, cry, and leave you amazed.

Heath Ledger and a man and woman looking at each other at a Quinceanera

#5. A Cinderella Story

This original Cinderella story but brought to a more modern time will make you dream of your own fairy tale in school, but when social media didn't exist, and flip phones were the trendy ones that unfolded to dial a number.

Chad Michael Murray, a man and a woman dressed in formal attire at a Quinceanera

#6. The Breakfast Club

This timeless classic has been the subject of many reviews, articles, philosophical beliefs, and, most importantly, the idea of finding oneself.

Quinceanera girl Ally Sheedy, a woman standing next to a tree in a library

#7. She's the Man

This fun movie based on another Shakespearean work shows the extremes a young woman will go to prove her talent.

A Quinceanera image featuring a man in a blue jacket with a quote on it by Amanda Bynes

#8. Bring It On

With the best choreography and music, this high school cheerleading competition movie will make you get up and make your own moves.

A Quinceanera celebration with Kirsten Dunst sitting next to a man in a red shirt

#9. Heathers

If you like dark comedy, this movie is for you. It's a story with touches of satire that revolves around the classic high school girls' clique, involved in a crime that may repeat itself.

Quinceanera: Winona Ryder, a woman in a blue shirt sitting on a bed, looking smart

#10. To All the Boys I've Ever Loved

This new Netflix original story based on the bestselling novel of the same name has everyone talking, and you'll discover why it's so popular.

A Quinceanera-themed image featuring Lara Jean from 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' holding a piece of paper in a bowl.

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