Selena Gomez: from Quinceañera to woman
Selena Gomez: from Quinceañera to woman

Selena Gomez: from Quinceañera to woman


Selena gomez

“I don’t care if tomorrow I am not in trend, if I am temporary, only time will tell.”

With the release of her latest pop album, Selena Gomez is back with a more erotic and independent image and staying as far as possible from Justin Bieber. 


The fear of an unfortunate and grotesque transition is always present. The angelical wonder years are left behind and the declining takes place. This is not Selena Gomez’s case; she has surpassed the teen tunnel, which successfully separates the lovely teen years from alleged maturity. We are now seeing Selena Gomez’s coming of age.

At 21, she is free to wiggle however she wants to and provoke who ever she wishes, an image that, as her image advisers and her record label wish, might eventually help her follow Madonna, Britney Spears or Lady Gaga’s footsteps.

Her fourth record “Star's Dance” is already being played in clubs, tops the many iTunes lists. Selena has learned to deal with her fame and success despite her love life being exposed. It is actually due to this last fact that her fame has risen, while dating Canadian pop star and pop phenomenon Justin Bieber.

The romance had fans from both stars, they all loved the story, which could have been great on the big screen and was a huge marketing factor in their careers. It was not just the love story, but its ending as well which took place at a heated dinner situated in Los Angeles documented of course by the paparazzis.

Selena prefers not to talk about this matter; however, there are still some who might figure out their own conclusion while listening to her record. Gomez understands the fascination of the people who wonder why it might have happened between her and Bieber. “It is something I always think of when writing a song,” something that might have been reflected in a couple song on her album.

“There are two songs that could turn into something big,” says the Young girl from Grand Prairie, a small Texan town where she was raised solely by her mother after her biological father abandoned both when Selena was only five years old.

“Love Will Remember”, is a soft ballad which ironically deals with heartbreak, Gomez has announced she will be working on the acoustic version of this song and plans to have it ready by next month, when she will begin her worldwide tour.

The rest of the songs “Deal with having fun and being 20”. An attitude that, although matches her speech, is moderated with hints of boldness. She acknowledges the work behind her image and notes the team behind her responsible for what the consumers get. After all, they do know how to present an erotic look, staying as far away from vulgarity.

Another sign of the end of her childish era, “I believe everyone has to follow their own path. I am extremely proud of what I’ve accomplished, specially due to the supporting family that I have. They keep me grounded; my mom has been a warrior through all this”.

Left alone with a five-year-old, Selena’s mom faced serious financial problems in order to raise her. “I remember several times we had no gas, and we had to ask for money. I hated asking my grandparents for help”, says the young starlet.

With a few millions in her bank account all thanks to “Hannah Montana”, “Barney & Friends and “The Wizards of Waverly Place”, one could say Selena is the spokesperson of Hispanics in this country.

“I don’t know if being Latina is to blame for my success, but it definitely adds something to it. There is a stronger connection with my culture and that makes me happy. People have accepted me since I began my career, so I won’t say no to singing in Spanish in a near future. I don’t care if tomorrow I am not in trend, if I am temporary, only time will tell.”

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