The Best Cheerleaders Have These Powerful Qualities
The Best Cheerleaders Have These Powerful Qualities

The Best Cheerleaders Have These Powerful Qualities

If you want to join the cheerleading squad just to become Ms. Popularity then you might want to think it through. Cheerleaders are far from just a pretty face! It requires loads of physical strength, dedication, and self-confidence just to name a few.

Ready for tryouts? Below are some of the qualities that the best cheerleaders in the world have in common.  Work to improve yourself if you’re lacking any of these characteristics.

Good Grades


Your high school cheerleading captain will not let you join if your grades are poor. Be the best person you can be so if that means bringing up your grades before tryouts, commit to that goal. You want to be a well-rounded person, not just a pretty face cheerleading at a sports event.

Positive Attitude


Regardless if you or your teammates make mistakes during practice, always have a positive attitude and know that at the end of the day you will get the routine down as long as everyone works together. Never put anyone down including yourself! Getting frustrated and snapping at others will only create tension. Cheer your teammates on! Give them sincere compliments when they’ve accomplished something.



Practice makes perfect! Dedicate some time to practice at home and show your coach that you are dedicated. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you can’t get a routine down. Read books about cheerleading, watch cheerleading competitions on YouTube, look for a mentor. Chances are, you will get better and might even become a cheerleading captain one day.

Physical Strength


Cheerleading is considered a sport for a reason – it requires physical strength and lots of it. You need the flexibility and energy to do those flips, basket tosses, and back handsprings. Start by eating healthy and then work on your strength. It’s a good idea to join gymnastics beforehand since it’s considered the foundation of all sports.

Knowledge of the Terms


Liberty, k motion, double hook are some of the terms you will need to know. If you have no clue what these mean then it’s time to do some research and practice.



Have confidence in yourself! Those that have self-confidence have positive and realistic views of themselves, don’t fear challenges, and stand up for what they believe. It’s okay to admit your limitations. Try your best and take risks. Just don’t turn into the conceited showoff or else no one will want to work with you.

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