10 Quince Traditions and Trends That Must Come to an End This Year
10 Quince Traditions and Trends That Must Come to an End This Year

10 Quince Traditions and Trends That Must Come to an End This Year

This year's do's and don'ts are being addressed, find out what Quince traditions and trends need to be out.

Want to avoid any setbacks you may end up regretting?

Save time, money, and avoid future regrets by canceling some of these Quince customs before your big day. Some things are simply unnecessary and we'll tell you why.

1) Offering an Open Bar

This is a Quinceañera, not a wedding. This party revolves around a minor and not the adults; therefore, you are not obligated to provide alcohol for your guests.

A girl named Beyoncé sitting in front of a bunch of balloons at a Quinceanera

2) Cheesy Photo Frames

Enough with the gigantic Instagram photo props. If you want to take your event to the next "social media" level, request a personalized Snapchat filter 😉

Quinceanera gown, a woman in a blue dress and a crown

Create your personalized Quince Snapchat filter here!

3) Bling-Bling Shoes

Leave the decorated converse for the past generation and opt for something fancier. Kate Spade and Keds recently released a bridal collection that could very well be worn by Quinceañeras themselves.

Quinceanera shoe - a women's glittered sneaker for walking

Click to shop the 'Keds for Kate Spade' collection!

4) Fondant Cakes

Sure, fondant is able to create amazing cake designs; however, the taste is not exactly the best and people have finally noticed. Ditch fondant and go for buttercream instead!

5) An Everlasting Toast

You want your guests to enjoy the party, so keep the talking and congratulatory messages to a minimum. Plan on your padrino or dad to propose the toast and give a short speech to thank everybody.

A Quinceanera-themed image of a minion wearing a crown and holding a microphone

6) Recording the Mass

It is extremely annoying and disrespectful not to be able to enjoy a mass due to an overly hogging videographer who blocks everyone’s view, sometimes even the priest’s.

A woman in a black shirt posing for a Quinceanera picture with a playful attitude

7) Asking for sponsors

If you don’t have money to plan the Quinceañera of your dreams, think smaller. Reduce the costs but don’t ever think the alternative is to ask people to pay for it. If they offer, then that’s different…

A small GIF image of a cartoon character looking at another character during a Quinceanera celebration.

8) Quinceañera Replica Cakes

These masterpieces require a special dose of talent, creativity, and patience; however, they could turn out to look creepy. Plus, how exactly do you serve this to your guests?

A mannequin wearing a Quinceanera gown on a table

Replica cakes are fascinating, but can be a little eerie.

9) Having Kneeling Pillows

Most masses provide you with one or even have a kneeling step. Purchasing the set along with the scary traditional doll is an unnecessary expense.

A cobalt blue Quinceañera with a group of three pillows with bows on them

Save money by skipping the expensive kneeling pillows.

10) Dramatic Quince Crowns

Big hair, dramatic makeup, and gigantic crowns that end up covering half your face steal the attention you and your dress deserve. Choose a dainty tiara or classy hairpiece.

A dainty tiara or hairpiece can be a better choice.

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