5 Quince Traditions you shouldn’t Forget
5 Quince Traditions you shouldn’t Forget

5 Quince Traditions you shouldn’t Forget

There’s no question that a quince is extremely rich in tradition. If you’re a young lady planning your quince, there are some traditions that you definitely should plan to include at your religious ceremony and reception. Here are the top 5 quince traditions you don’t want to forget to include in your special celebration!

The Mass


Of course no quinceañera celebration is complete without a traditional Catholic mass. While it’s not exactly a Catholic sacrament, the mass is a ritual that has long been a part of the traditions of a quineanera. The purpose of the mass is to signify that the church now recognizes the quinceañera as a young woman.



Traditionally, the quinceañera’s first dance at her reception is with her father to a song that is significant to them. The waltz is usually the choice for the father-daughter dance, but you can really choose any song you want.

The Dress


The quinceañera dress is an extremely important aspect of the celebration. It signifies that you’re ready to become a young woman by wearing your first adult gown.

The Candle Lighting


A candle lighting ceremony is a traditional part of the quinceañera’s celebration which allows her to honor all of the people most important in her life. You generally pick 15 people who have supported you throughout your 15 years and light a candle for each one of them.



There are many gifts that a quinceañera receives during her party from her closest family members and sponsors. These gifts traditionally consist of her “last doll”, her first pair of high heels, a rosary and a tiara or scepter. All of these things are supposed to help her transition from a young lady into a woman ready to leave her childhood behind and take on the world as an adult.


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