5 reasons why no boy wants to be your chamberlain
5 reasons why no boy wants to be your chamberlain

5 reasons why no boy wants to be your chamberlain

At this moment, you are one of the following types of quinceañeras:

a) You feel a sense of relief because you finally got a chambelán

b) You're running out of options and starting to consider not having a chambelán at all.

If you are a type A quinceañera but your mother was responsible for getting you a chambelán, we would be a little worried...

And if you are type B... well, your greatest fear may soon become a reality

Don't believe us? The reality is that most guys don't want to be chosen as chambelanes. Here's why:

Guys are shy

Being a chambelán means being by the quinceañera's side at all times, if not all the time, at least during the most important parts of the celebration, which basically means that all eyes will be on you. For a shy person, this could be really distressing!


He doesn't know you

If your mother was kind enough to ask her best friend's son to be your chambelán, it will be a bit weird. Don't you think? We guarantee that your mom will ask her friend, but nobody bothered to ask the boy in question if he would like such an opportunity.


He doesn't like you

What if your aunt volunteered your cousin, who obviously knows you but doesn't like you at all? Most of the time, close relatives are easy targets when it comes to finding a chambelán.


He's tired of being a chambelán!

Yes, he's handsome and can dance and has experience being a chambelán, which is exactly the problem. At this point, your guy is "fed up" with quinceañeras, the waltz, the surprise dance, and the whole tiring experience that he knows comes with the role.


He's being forced to do it.

Remember points #2 and #3? Let's assume that the guy in question supported his mother who offered him as a volunteer chambelán, setting aside the fact that he has no idea who you are and getting ready to dance and be your ideal chambelán.

However, he is being forced to do something completely outside of his comfort zone, and in the long run, that will be noticeable.

Now that you've read this, do you think you'll have a chambelán?


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