5 Things To Know Before Choosing your Quinceanera Court

Grecia Hernandez

While the last doll, the Quince waltz and the mass are praised traditions, the XV court is truly the most popular one.

If you’re sticking to a traditional Quinceanera, keep these in mind before inviting your friends to be part of Quinceanera court:

1) The number of damas and chambelanes does not matter!

Some girls go with 14 damas other top it off by adding 14 chambelanes, others only have four damas and one chambelan. It is up to you to decide how many and if you want both damas and chambelanes.

2) Go with people you truly care about and feel the same about you

Choose family members you like (not impose by your parents) and friends you are really close with as they will be printed on your long-lasting pictures forever. Think 20 years from now staring at your album thinking: “Who is this guy?”.

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3) Decide on who pays what

Are your parents paying for the chambelanes’ tuxedos rental and your damas’ dresses or will they have to pitch in? Make sure to clarify this with your parents before reaching out to your prospective Quinceanera court members.

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4) What do you expect from your Quince Court

Think of what you’re expecting them to do so you make it clear when inviting them; things like committing to attend rehearsals, wear certain color for your fiesta, etc.

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5) Having a court is not a requirement

Although a XV tradition, a Quinceanera court means one more thing to take care of and worry about.  If you feel like going solo, go for it!

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