5 Things your court of honor should know as soon as possible.
5 Things your court of honor should know as soon as possible.

5 Things your court of honor should know as soon as possible.

If you have already been confirmed that you can celebrate your 15th anniversary with a Quinceañera party, you are surely thinking about who will be part of your court of honor.

After reading several articles and seeing on social networks, you will know exactly how to tell each one that they have been chosen.

But before making your awaited proposal, we invite you to read this to avoid future misunderstandings.

Take into account the following 5 things when asking your friends and family to be part of your quince court:

How special they are to you!

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Before asking this question, make sure to tell them how happy it makes you to have them in your life and that it would be an honor for them to be part of your Quince court.

Who will pay?

This is something you should clarify with your parents before inviting your friends to be members of your Quince court. When considering having ladies and/or chambelanes, take into account the expenses that this entails, such as dresses, suits or tuxedos (purchase or rent), flower bouquets, etc.

When making the proposal to your friends, you should already know if your parents will cover these expenses or if it will be the responsibility of your court to do so. This will be necessary information when asking for permission from their parents.

The logistics of the event

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Once the financial aspect is covered, you can go over the important details of your quince in which your court will participate, such as your quinceañera mass (if you will have one) and the schedule of practices for the waltz, the surprise dance, who will be in charge of transportation, etc.

What does being part of your court mean?

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Accepting your proposal is a commitment to attend rehearsals and, of course, to be punctual on the day of the party. Once they agree to be part of your court, you count on everyone to fully assume their role and support you.

Remind them how much you appreciate them

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You should do this before, during, and after your quinceañera party:

Before: When you ask them to be part of your court of honor

During: Letting them know what it means to you that they are present and “on the ball” at each rehearsal.

After: Thanking them with a small gift or a meal at the end of your party.

Now, are you ready to tell them?


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