Clever Quinceañera Guest Book Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before
Clever Quinceañera Guest Book Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before

Clever Quinceañera Guest Book Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before

The only thing that you’ll cherish forever after your party are the memories, pictures, and your Quinceañera guest book with special notes from your guests. That’s why it’s important to choose one that you’ll feel proud sharing for future generations.

guestbook ideas

Discover the most unique Quinceañera guest book ideas that no one will want to miss signing. We bet you’ve never seen these before!

Traditional Guest Book

The traditional guestbook is the most popular option for Quinceañeras. You can customize it to your theme and colors. You can even add your name and quinceañera date on the cover!

brown guest book


Yearbook Style

The difference between the traditional and the yearbook style is the fact that the yearbook style has your photo shoot pictures throughout. That way, you can keep most of your memories in one book. Ask your photographer if they can customize the Quinceañera guest book with your photo shoot pics.

photo album-min

Melva Moctezuma is a true artist, click on the pic to check her out!

Picture Frame

Instead of storing your guest book to dust for years, you can have your guests sign a picture frame with your favorite photo shoot pic and hang it up in your room. What better way of starting your mornings than with motivational notes from your friends and family members?!

picture fram

Jigsaw Puzzle

One of your favorite childhood memories was probably solving a jigsaw puzzle with your classmates. You can easily buy a blank jigsaw at your local discount store for your guests to sign!

jigsaw 2

Wooden Wish Box

Open your wish box and re-read all the meaningful notes from your guests! Decorate the box to your tastes for a cute room decor. You can even engrave your name, quinceañera date, and motivational quote on the lid!

wooden wish box 2

Drop Top Guest Book

Have your guests drop a piece of advice in a frame as a clever idea! Customize the pieces to fit your theme and don’t forget to save one to engrave your event details.

drop top

Guest Quilt

Cover yourself with the most special quilt, created with lots of love! Set up a station at your Quinceañera where your guests can sign a piece of fabric. It’s guaranteed to be one of the most popular activities at your party!

guest quilt

guest book quilt

Quinceañera Tree Guestbook

Trees are symbolic for growth and success, which brings our next brilliant idea: a tree guest book! Have each guest mark their presence on a blank leaf with their fingerprint for a gorgeous piece of artwork.

tree guestbook

Photo Guestbook

Your guests will be snapping loads of photos at your memorable event. The best way to cherish those valuable memories is by encouraging your guests to hang a picture of them having fun at your Quince.

Jenga Guestbook

Who doesn’t enjoy playing jenga?! Build memories by setting up a signing table at the entrance – perfect way to transform the plain blocks of wood!

jenga guestbook

jenga guests

Stuffed Animals

We all have our favorite stuffed animal lying on our bed or sitting on a drawer. Put meaning into your favorite stuffed animal by encouraging your guests to sign it. If you don’t own one, purchase an adorable white or lightly colored stuffed animal and permanent pens – that’s all you need!

stuffed animals



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Main picture property of Melva Moctezuma & AVM Photography.

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