Eeny, Meeny, Miny, or Joe? Who to choose for your chambelan de honor!
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, or Joe? Who to choose for your chambelan de honor!

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, or Joe? Who to choose for your chambelan de honor!

chambelan de honorStressing over who your main chambelan should be? Of course you are! Between your family members,  your best guy buddy, your crush and your main  squeeze, it’s  no wonder why choosing the one guy to  be in the  spotlight with you is becoming more of a  headache  than a fun experience. Here to help make  sense of it all,  we put together a list of pros and cons to  help you  decide which cutie of yours should be the lucky fella’ to accompany you on your special day.

A family member as a chambelan

Pros: If you choose a family member to be your chambelan de honor, like a brother or cousin for instance, then you are almost guaranteed that he will make sure that you are as cool and relaxed as you could possibly be on the day of your quinceañera. The mere threat of you telling your mom or aunt on him for acting foolish would definitely have him on his best behavior. But most importantly, having a brother or favorite guy-cousin spend that day with you would only reinforce the bond that you both already share. Choosing a family member as your chambelan also gets rid of the stresses of having to ask a crush to be your main chambelan.

Cons: For one, you won’t be booty dancing with your bro or cousin! That would simply be inappropriate and not to mention awkward. Also, choosing a family member as your chambelan over a cutie you crush would mean not sharing that special quince waltz with the guy that makes your heart flutter.

Do I  take my best bud?Your best guy-buddy as your chambelan

The major pro to having your best guy-friend by your side is that you’ll have fun regardless of whether or not your quince is going as planned. You’ll be able to dance your booty dances with your friend without feeling any strange tension between the both of you, and you can be as goofy and obnoxious without having to put up a front.

Cons: Warning! The ultimate con to having your bff as your chambelan is that you may have to deal with some major jealousy issues if your bff has a lady friend of his own! Considering that many girls can be somewhat catty, it’s safe to assume that perhaps your bff’s lady friend will go out of her way to let you know that your bff is already taken.

Or should I take my crush?Your crush as your chambelan

Pro: Asking your crush to be your chambelan can be a major breakpoint in your “platonic relation”. If he answers “yes”, then perhaps that’s a good sign to him crushing on you as well. If he answers “nay”, at least now you know to move on to the next crush on your list. Next!

Con: A con to asking your crush to be your main chambelan is that you’ll be off the market for the other hotties that show up to your party. And considering that your crush may not know anyone else at the party other than you, leaving him stray so that you can chat with other guys is not the most polite thing to do.

Your boyfriend as your chambelan

Pro: All your girlfriends will think its super beyond cute that your main squeeze is your main chambelan so you’ll get plenty of “oohs” and “how cute’s” all day long, for sure. Also, you’ll be able to share a romantic slow dance with your partner once waltz time comes around.

Con: Your quince photographs can quickly turn into your worst nightmare if you and your mate decide to take a trip to Splitsville only weeks after your grand celebration. As sweet as your girlfriend’s “ooh’s” were when you and your cutie were posing for pix, now those pictures are leaving you wishing you had gone with any of your other options-especially if you and your now ex boyfriend ended on bad terms.

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