Ingenious ideas for your guestbook
Ingenious ideas for your guestbook

Ingenious ideas for your guestbook

The only things you will keep forever are the memories of your party, the photos, and the special notes from your guests in your Quinceañera guestbook.

Discover the most original ideas for the book that everyone will want to sign at your Quince. We bet you've never seen these before.

Traditional Style

The traditional guestbook is the most popular option among Quinceañeras. You can customize it according to your theme and favorite colors. You can even add your name and the date of your Quinceañera on the cover.

brown guest book

Yearbook Style

The difference between the traditional and yearbook-style guestbook is that the latter includes photos from your photo booth, allowing you to preserve memories in a book. Ask your photographer if they can personalize your guestbook with your photo session.

Melva Moctezuma

Photo Frame Style

Instead of storing your guestbook to gather dust for years, have your guests sign the frame of a photograph and hang it in your room. What better way to start your mornings than reading motivational quotes from your friends and family.

guest book

Multiple Pieces Frame Style

Encourage your guests to leave advice on a small piece, then assemble all pieces into a beautiful frame. Customize the pieces according to your theme, and don't forget to save one to record the details of your Quinceañera.

jigsaw 2

Wishing Box Style

Open your wishing box and reread all the heartfelt messages from your guests. Customize the box to be part of the beautiful decoration in your room. You can even engrave your name, the date of your Quinceañera, and add a motivational phrase on the lid.

wooden wish box 2

Quilt Style

Cover yourself with a very special quilt created with much love. Set up a space at your Quinceañera for your guests to sign a piece of fabric. We guarantee it will be one of the most fun activities at your party.

guest quilt

guest book quilt

Tree Style

Trees symbolize success and growth, leading us to our next brilliant idea: a guestbook in the shape of a tree. Invite your guests to leave their fingerprints on a blank tree leaf to create a beautiful work of art.

tree guestbook

Collage Style

Your guests will be taking many photos at your memorable event. The best way to preserve those invaluable memories is to encourage your guests to put a photo of themselves having fun at your Quinceañera.


A lilac Quinceañera, featuring a wedding album tied with a pink ribbon and adorned with pearls

'Jenga' Style

Who doesn't have fun playing 'jenga'? Create memories by placing a table for signing at the entrance. Perfect for transforming natural wood blocks.

jenga guestbook

jenga guests

Teddy Bear Style

We all have our teddy bears on our bed or sitting on a dresser. Give meaning to your favorite teddy bear and invite your family and friends to sign it. If you don't have one, get a white or light-colored one along with permanent ink pens, and that's all you need!

stuffed animals

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