Should Your Boyfriend be Your Main Chambelan?
Should Your Boyfriend be Your Main Chambelan?

Should Your Boyfriend be Your Main Chambelan?

If you are planning your quinceañera, you might be tempted to ask your boyfriend to be your main chambelan. But wait!

Would you like your ex-boyfriend to be in all your precious quinceañera portraits after a bad breakup? Definitely not!

Here are 5 scenarios that can be avoided if you simply choose your main chambelan smartly!

Your party might feel more like a wedding than a quinceañera.

You’ll end up looking like a young version of a bride, especially if your dress is white. The spotlight of your party should be no one else but YOU! When your boyfriend is by your side the entire time, it distracts from the main purpose of your celebration.

Expect D-R-A-M-A if you’re not allowed to date and your parents find out.

Your protective parents will be keeping a close eye on you during practice and throughout the party. If any of your friends accidentally reveals you have a boyfriend, you’re totally doomed!

Your court practice runs the risk of becoming chaotic.

Imagine a breakup a few weeks before your quinceañera – you would either have to suck it up and ignore the awkward moments or find someone else to replace him. This will definitely add to the stress, no thanks!

He will be in all your pictures.

Your pictures will last forever but your relationship…we don’t quite know. Avoid unpleasant memories in the future by choosing a family member to be your main chambelan instead.

Girls like to have fun.

You won’t be able to spend much time with your BFFs when you’re dragging your boyfriend everywhere. Eat, dance, and interact with your guests without having to babysit anyone!

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