Traditional Must-Haves for an Unforgettable Quinceañera
Traditional Must-Haves for an Unforgettable Quinceañera

Traditional Must-Haves for an Unforgettable Quinceañera

There are some Quince traditions that can’t be forgotten. Without these must-haves, is it even considered a Quinceañera? Perhaps not.

One of the many aspects when celebrating your Quince in a traditional way is having the famous Quinceañera package full of essentials—although they aren’t required, they are necessities.

This Quinceañera package will definitely be of great use throughout your special day, which can consist of your Toast set, Signature book, Photo Album, and more! We’re sure you’re probably wondering, ‘Where can I get this bundle?’ and we’re here to tell you, we know the perfect place,and the best part is they have the full package!

At A & C Wedding you’re able to get quality products that are specially made in Mexico. Whether you want to shop for it online or visit their store, customize your own Quinceañera package with the must-haves according to your Quince theme or color scheme.

Here’s the list of different products you should consider:


Choosing artificial instead of natural flowers? Get it designed according to your style.

A cobalt blue Quinceañera theme with a bunch of flowers on a table.

Bouquet is property of A & C Wedding!


A patchwork Quinceañera with a blue purse sitting on top of a white shelf

Bible is property of A & C Wedding!

-Tiara & Crowns

To be the princess of the day, you can’t forget your crown or tiara! Choose between extravagant crowns, hair accessories, or precious tiaras.

A gold crown sitting on top of a pillow, representing Quinceañera jewellery

Crown is property of A & C Wedding!

Toast Set

Also known as the brindis set, this usually includes your option of wine glasses (for your parents, main padrinos and/or your court of honor) and a specific decorated bottle for you to open once you’ve finished with your speech.

Photograph of Última muñeca, a doll in a blue dress sitting on a shelf at a Quinceanera celebration.

Last doll and Toast set are property of A & C Wedding!

– Pillow

You’ll need it for when you least expect it! When in church, you might need to kneel down, which is when your personal pillow will come in handy.

Quinceanera-inspired throw pillow, featuring a couple of pillows sitting on top of a table

Pillow set are property of A&C Wedding!

– Signature book

There’s nothing better than having the signature and comments of your guests on your signature book as memories!

A beautiful floral design featuring a flower bouquet arranged on a table with a vase filled with flowers

Set is property of A & C Wedding!

– Photo Album

You’ll definitely need an album to put your pictures in. One thing is having them digitally, but when you’re able to physically see the pictures, it will take you back to all the special moments of your Quince.

A table with a turquoise Quinceañera theme, displaying a variety of items.

Set is property of A & C Wedding!

– Centerpieces

Having a specific theme? Get specially made centerpieces that your Tia’s can actually keep!

– Party Favors

– Candles

– Money Box

Who wouldn’t want money for their celebration!? Have a box ready for safe keeping to make sure no gift cards or money goes missing. Remember, better safe than sorry.

A cobalt blue Quinceañera table adorned with a bouquet of flowers and a box

XV set is property of A&C Wedding.

– Last Doll

The famous ultima muñeca! Want to opt for a fluffy teddy bear instead of the creepy porcelain doll? We don’t blame you! Get your doll to match your Quince dress.

Two dolls - one of a teddy bear and one wearing a ball gown - for a Quinceanera celebration.

Last doll are property of A&C Wedding!

What will your must-have package consist of?Let us know down below.

Quinceañera, a person holding a cell phone with the text quinceanera on it

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