What is a Quinceañera Thanksgiving Mass?
What is a Quinceañera Thanksgiving Mass?

What is a Quinceañera Thanksgiving Mass?

One of the most important aspects of the Quinceañera traditions, is a thanksgiving mass.

This is also what differentiates a Quinceañera from a Sweet 16, or any other birthday celebration for that matter.


During the religious ceremony, a young lady renews her baptismal vows and gives thanks for fifteen years of life.

Come the day of the celebration, the Quinceañera mass begins with a group progression into the church. Escorted by her parents or guardians,

the Quince girl leads the walk followed by her padrinos, the chambelan and the court.

A priest greets the Quinceañera at the altar where a designated chair has been placed for her.

Unlike a typical Sunday mass where the biblical readings are directed for the entire congregation, in this mass the reading is made, for the most part, directly to the celebrated.


Themes of youth, eternal love to God, becoming a strong woman, and remaining true to her religion against all adversity are customary topics for a Quinceañera thanksgiving mass.

During the sermon, the priest discusses faith and virtue and the importance of these in light of the Quinceañera’s new role in her church community.

Sometimes family members are chosen to read specific passages from the bible as well.

During the ceremony, the priest will bless a rosary, a bible, and other gifts that the Quince girl is to receive.

There is also a “coronation ceremony” where the girl’s mother or godmother places a tiara on her head, which also carries a symbolic meaning.

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