You have to read this before choosing your ladies and chamberlains.
You have to read this before choosing your ladies and chamberlains.

You have to read this before choosing your ladies and chamberlains.

Although the last doll, the Quinceañera waltz, and the mass are popular traditions, undoubtedly the Quinceañera court is the most followed.

If you haven't decided yet whether you'll have ladies or who will be your chamberlain, the following points will be very helpful:


1) There's no definitive number of ladies or chamberlains

Many girls choose 14 ladies and chamberlains, others only have four ladies and one chamberlain. You choose how many people are part of your court and if you want only ladies, only a chamberlain, or both.

2) Choose only people you really care about

Decide on family or friends you get along well with. You wouldn't want to see your Quinceañera photos in 20 years and think, "Who's this?"

3) With your parents' help, decide who will pay for what

Your parents will cover the expenses of tuxedo rentals and dresses for your ladies, or their parents should pay. Check this with your parents before inviting them.

4) Don't choose couples

No matter how close a friend she is, the boyfriend isn't, and bringing couples to rehearsals most of the time causes distractions. Forget about the drama with your ladies!


5) Think about what you expect from your Quinceañera court

Make a list of their duties as part of your court, committing to attend the surprise dance rehearsals, getting a haircut for your Quince or having a good manicure in the photos, etc.

6) It's not mandatory to have ladies or chamberlains

Although it's the most popular tradition, it's not obligatory. The beauty of a Quinceañera is that it can be adapted to your beliefs, your personality, and your budget. If you want to be the sole protagonist, do it!

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