Top Places to Celebrate Your Quince
Top Places to Celebrate Your Quince

Top Places to Celebrate Your Quince

As quinceañeras become more popular, places such as aquariums, museums, and top hotels have targeted this market audience to help celebrate the Hispanic tradition.

How many times have you imagined celebrating your Quince in a lavish place such as a castle, cruise ship, five star hotel or theme park?

This is now possible due to companies’ increasing awareness of the popularity of quinceañeras. As a result, they have extended their services to satisfy the needs of this growing market.

The following are several “unique” places you may want to consider when planning your Quince. However, ask your parents and godparents beforehand since these places are more expensive than an ordinary reception hall.

Disney Fairytale

Imagine arriving at the reception hall in a carriage wearing a Cinderella dress; the entire place is stunning with wonderful decorations and the service is first class. You can also have your favorite Disney character at your Quince. At Disneyland Resort you will feel like a fairytale princess. They have packages from $7,500 or $65 per person. For more information call (866) 55-DISNEY or visit parquesdisney.com/quinceanera

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The Museum

Why not? In case you didn’t know, you can celebrate your Quince at the Museum of Latin American Art. Well, actually in one of the designated halls at the museum. They have a private hall, called the Balboa Room, and another room out in the open available for $6,000 for 300 guests and includes the hall, security, cutlery, and linens. The banquet service costs extra and you must hire their exclusive caterer. For more information call 562-437-1689 or www.molaa.com/banquets-and-meetings.aspx

Swimming with Fish

Break the routine and enjoy your Quince in a different atmosphere where you can enjoy the sea breeze and colorful fish. The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach can make your aquatic dream come true. Your guests can start the night by visiting the various exhibitions and then enjoying the aquarium’s unique menus. There are packages for 200 people that offer two choices of menus for only $36.50 per person and include cutlery, linen, and service. However, remember to book your day at least six months prior to your Quince. For more information call 562-951-1663 or www.aquariumofthepacific.org/plan_your_event/quinceaneras

All Aboard!

Some quinceañeras like to show off by celebrating their Quince on a yacht or ship. If you don’t want to stay behind and your budget can cover it, then go for the best and celebrate your Quince aboard the Queen Mary. The ship has 17 decorated halls and a spectacular view from the deck. You can find special packages for quinceañeras that include the banquet service. Call 1-877-342-0738 or www.queenmary.com/special-occasions.aspx for more info.

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Viva Las Vegas

This is definitely a different and unique way to celebrate your Quince. If you have time, transportation, and money, then you can have a bash in one of the most emblematic hotels in Las Vegas, Circus Circus. The hotel has grandiose reception halls that can fit up to 600 people and provides many choices of food and entertainment for your party. Call the Customer Service Department at 702-794-3983, 1-800-765-4449 and select option 3 or visit www.circuscircus.com

As you can see, the options are endless. So plan ahead and make your dreams come true.

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